Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, December 27th, 2016


Judas Iscariot

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is a beautiful day and new time has started for you people on Earth – A new and beautiful time where many promises will be fulfilled.

It has started now dear children on Earth. A new world now lies open at your feet. You just have to step in and celebrate, dear children on Earth, as it is now that you recreate your world to the place that your heart desires. It will be a place for everyone, as we are all One. You are the creators, the masters and you rebuild a more beautiful and splendid world than the one you leave behind. We are all with you in this work. You are not alone. There are thousand of beings around you now, dear children on Earth. The expectations are great up here as the ball has started rolling and as Mother Theresa said it is rolling faster and faster. RV has started dear friends and the spade is planted in the ground. In other words the work has started and new projects will blossom everywhere on our Earth. The time is now, dear children on Earth. The time is now…

It is now that you should be ready to do your effort – The work your soul has waited for to do. Much is going to happen, everybody will not understand what is happening, but it will be heard from and written about everywhere – One disclosure after another, you have to hang on now, dear children on Earth, your time is now. It is now that you will understand whom you are and which roles you play on Earth. It is now that you will drop your masks and show who you really are. It is then that others dare to drop their masks and show who they really are. We have all played our roles on Earth, but deep down we have always known whom we are – Children sprung from the holiest of fires and always equally loved and welcomed home, once we have decided to return to our origins. God loves us all and we are all a part of the fire that he is. We are One, we are all One, regardless from where in the Universe we come. It is an enormous thought – a little difficult to take in when we walk here on Earth, nevertheless it is true. The truth can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand, but deep in there in our hearts we all have knowledge.

It is this true knowing that now slowly is spreading across our Earth. More and more open up for their inner truth and start to live the life that feels true and real. It might meet some resistance, but even these barriers will fall. There are not many that can stand to see the light of truth without surrendering. Either they start to look for their own light or they flee to a place where the light cannot reach. It will be difficult to find such a place on Earth now, as the light penetrates everywhere. It is strong now and shines on the darkness wherever it is. The Light has come to stay, feel it in your hearts and let it light up your day. Let your hands work in service to the light and be patient, as the Light is very strong and patient. It awaits your light and to help you to get it to burn, so that large flames can spread across the world. These are flames of warmth and love, love for all and everybody that are on this Earth. You work for each other now, for the unity you once were but forgot back in historic times. You are now on your way to remember and the hands of love will build your new world. Your hands dear children on Earth and we are so grateful for this. It is a time of joy that we are entering. It is the time of truth and love. You have anchored the light on Earth and we are with you in this grand and fantastic work. You have the courage, you have the power, let the heart lead you fully now and your world will be transformed to the most beautiful of worlds.

With so much love,



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