How Facebook Has Become The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For The Global Elite — Collective Evolution – November 11, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  It’s not clear whether Facebook was truly conceived by an innocent genius with noble intent, but one fact has become abundantly clear: Facebook is now a mouthpiece and tool for the proliferation of mainstream perception. This is specifically designed to enrich the global elite and continue to disenfranchise ordinary citizens and any attempts to bring important truths to light that would threaten the elite. And, of course, Mark Zuckerberg is now a ‘junior partner’ in this global elite. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2015 – US/China Send a Message, Coup is Real -November 8, 2019

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Published Nov 7, 2019

US/China Send A Message To The [CB], All Part Of The Plan – Episode 2015a

The EU is trouble, the [CB] system was never suppose to last this long. The [CB] is completely exposed to the world and the only way the countries can now stay afloat is by adding more debt, but this will cure the problem, it will only make it worse. US & China send a message, tariffs will soon end, they will be phased out, right on schedule.


Confirmed, Coup Is Real, [DS] Holds Report That Would Exonerate Trump Advisers – Episode 2015b

The [DS] is now caught up in the fake impeachment plans, they are digging their hole deeper and deeper. The [DS] is panicking like never before over the identity of the WB. The MSM is pushing fake news and Trump counters the news. The [DS] is holding back a report that would exonerate Trump advisers. The coup is real, it has been confirmed, the entire plan of the [DS] has just been exposed to the American people, enjoy the show.


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US Government Information on ETs is Hidden Really Well, According to Whistleblower Edward Snowden — Latest UFO sightings – November 6, 2019


(Latest UFO Sighting)  One of the most popular subjects among conspiracy theorists in forums and YouTube channels is the existence of aliens and UFOs. Claims on ET existence are usually supported with more than some grainy video of a light in the sky. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2012 – Fed Tries Stop Trump, Egregious Government Misconduct – November 5, 2019

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Published Nov 4, 2019

MSM/[CB] Go All Out To Stop Trump From Cutting Rates Again, It Will Fail – Episode 2012a

The bad guys in the [CB] are becoming desperate, they are now letting the world know that the Fed will not be cutting rates anymore, no matter how much Trump tells them too. Why because they know the economy would take off and the patriots would control the economic narrative completely.


Flynn Ready To Go Free, Egregious Government Misconduct, Covfefe, In The End We Win – Episode 2012b

The [DS] is now struggling to keep the fake impeachment moving forward, the public is not buying what they are selling. The people already see the phone transcript, all other witnesses are just part of the [DS] and they are voicing their opinions, which is meaningless. The whistleblower needs to show his identity but if this happens it is game over for the entire sham. Assange is very important to the patriots case against the DS, they are keeping him safe. Flynn’s lawyer wants all charges dropped, because of egregious government misconduct. The Mueller operatives are now trapped in their own case against Flynn. Trump never mistyped the word covfefe, it was done on purpose, the meaning, in the end we win.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2011 – Project Fear is Not Working, Stand by for Battle Surface – November 4, 2019

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Published Nov 3, 2019

Project Fear Is Not Working, [CB] Is On The Losing End – Episode 2011a

The BREXIT is not going the way the [CB] want, project fear is not working, it is being debunked, the [CB] is losing the battle, soon the world will know and understand how bad the [CB] is for the people, the economy and the world. The debt is increasing in the US, this is on purpose the patriots are going to push the [CB] to the edge and then it will implode on itself. The MSM/DS/CB are hoping Trump removed Powell, this is not going to happen.


93 Days Of Darkness, Rig For Red, Stand By For Battle Surface – Episode 2011b

The [DS] fake impeachment is now going to be exposed, the whistleblower is going to exposed and the people will see that it was setup, this is all part of the plan. 8chan is now 8kun and it is back, Q is posting again, get ready because after 93 days of darkness it is time to return.


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“Ukraine” whistleblower suddenly not going to testify before Adam Schiff’s secret committee — so what’s the “impeachment inquiry” really for? — – November 2, 2019

Image: “Ukraine” whistleblower suddenly not going to testify before Adam Schiff’s secret committee — so what’s the “impeachment inquiry” really for?

(Natural News) The CIA official who reportedly filed what was a second-hand “whistleblower” report regarding a phone call President Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the summer isn’t going to testify before a secret panel headed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. →

Read more & video Fox News: “Jordan: Pelosi and Schiff are making up the rules as they go along” (6:19) via —

(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2010 – Ready to Turn the Global Economy, World is Watching – November 2, 2019

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Published Nov 1, 2019

Patriots Getting Ready To Turn The Global Economy – Episode 2010a

Trump and the patriots are now ready to turn the global economy, the globalists are ready to be pushed out, Trump is ready to make a huge trade deal with the UK once it leaves the EU. This US economy is booming statistically, Trump and the patriots needed to push the economy to the extreme, they now have control of the narrative. Gold and the stock market is up, people are feeling good.


[DS] Panicking Over The Whistleblower Identity, The World Is Watching – Episode 2010b

The [DS] is now trapped in their impeachment plan, it will start to blow up all around them and they will not be able to stop it. The world is watching. The [DS] is now panicking over the whistleblower identity because once it is revealed it is game over and the entire plan is exposed. Propaganda cannot win against the truth and facts and the [DS] is pushing their agenda using propaganda which will fail in the end, just like the Mueller investigation. In this new world controlled by the patriots only truth will win. There is no place to hide or run.


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