The Light Has Won – January 14, 2017

Hi All 🙂

What I post on this blog among others is to wake up brothers and sisters to show what the cabal/illuminati have done and are doing to Humanity and Mother earth.
No More Hidden Truths. This is very important in these times of Humanitys awakening process and the ascension.

It is up to us to create a better world for ALL of us. If you want to change this world for the better, start with yourself.
Forgive yourself so you can forgive others. Love yourself then you can love others. Create peace inside then there will be peace outside.
This applies to me too. We must raise our vibration of love and light in order to ascend to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Do not worry about and do not read negative and fear-based news that mass media conveys. It is cabal-strategy to create fear and to lower our vibration. Cabal owns the massmedia.
Cabal/Illuminati have failed because the light have already won and always wins over darkness.
Darkness is the absence of light.

Finally, use your own discernment when you read what’s posted on this blog.
You decide for yourself what that appeals to you.

Love, Light, Peace and Forgiveness

The Light Has Won