(Video) SwebbTV| George Soros plan är att Sverige ska belånas – Lars Bern förklarar finansintressenas strategi – Aug 21, 2020



20 Aug, 2020

Häromdagen publicerade SvD en intervju med George Soros där han pekade ut Sverige som mycket själviskt och egoistiskt eftersom vi först sa nej till att ge södra Europa bidrag genom EU. George Soros har byggt upp en förmögenhet på flera hundra miljarder genom spekulationsaffärer och som används för politisk manipulation. Han har byggt sin förmögenhet med uppbackning av familjen Rothschild. Vi har i tidigare program förklarat att George Soros organisation bedriver verksamhet för politiskt inflytande i mer än hundra länder. Han har ett mycket stort inflytande inom EU, mycket större än Stefan Löfven trots att han inte har något politiskt mandat.

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The Global Reset Unplugged & ‘The Deep State’ | Waking Times – July 21, 2020

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Waking Times

Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable – it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%. →

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(Video) X22Report Spotlight: JFK Went After The [DS] In The Shadows, Trump Is Doing It In The Light: Harley Schlanger – February 29, 2020

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Video: “”JFK Went After The [DS] In The Shadows, Trump Is Doing It In The Light: Harley Schlanger” (45:36)

Klimatfascismen – cui bono? — VAKEN.se – 23 December, 2019

(VAKEN.se)  Hela västvärlden har drabbats av en klimatalarmism som är på väg att övergå i ren fascism och därmed totalt underminera den västliga hegemoni som dominerat världsordningen i ett halvt årtusende. Detta sker samtidigt som ekonomin i Asiens megastaters utvecklas i en aldrig tidigare skådad takt. Därmed kommer dessa lätt att beröva den klimathysteriska västvärlden den ledande rollen i världsekonomin inom några få decennier. I de asiatiska staterna är klimatfrågan en fråga med låg prioritet. När FN häromåret gjorde en global opinionsundersökning, där världens medborgare fick rösta på vilka av ett dussintal frågor som de prioriterade att FN skulle ägna sig åt, då hamnade klimatfrågan i botten.

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(Video) Lars Bern – Globalismen leder till fascism — VAKEN.se – 9 December, 2019

(VAKEN.se)  Lars Bern menar att man ofta jämför dagens nationalism med 1930-talets fascism. Han menar att detta är fel tänkt, eftersom det är två helt olika företeelser.

Fascismen kräver att individen underordnar sig staten. Men idag är det inte nationerna som har den största makten i samhället utan det är de globala storföretagen som dominerar.

Detta är en följd av den agenda som drivits sedan mer än hundra år och som leder till att förmögenheterna koncentreras till en allt mindre grupp människor och företag. →

Läs mera & video:SwebbTV: “Lars Bern 30 januari – Globalismen leder till fascism.” (20:58) via — VAKEN.se

(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1986 – Patriots Hit Globalists Hard, The Warmup – October 4, 2019

Source YouTube: (X22 Report)

Published Oct 3, 2019

The [CB] Of [CB]s Just Hit The Panic Button, Patriots Just Hit The Globalists Hard – Episode 1986a

Ex Mayor in China hording 13 tons of gold bars, it was stashed in the basement. Trump and the patriots have won big against the EU, the WTO has handed the Trump Administration the ability to go after the EU and the EU cannot retaliate. The Fed is ready to cut rates again, the current economic conditions will explain why the cut is needed. The BIS hits the panic button, the BIS wants these rate cuts stopped, it will expose it all.


Panic Sets In For Brennan, Schiff In Trouble, This Is Just The Warmup – Episode 1986b

The [DS] have just exposed everything, the lying, cheating and their agenda. More and more evidence is produced that JB & HB profited in Ukraine and China. Volker testified today and it was a nothing burger. The call to have AS resign it getting stronger and stronger. Brennan panics, JD wants to interview him, the main target is always last in an investigation. Flynn’s attorney is building the case to free Flynn, she has more evidence up her sleeve so stay tuned. Trump and the patriots are pushing the information out to the public, the public is hearing, Ukraine, China and other countries, corruption, treason and crimes, the MSM is trying to defend it all but it is failing. It’s only a matter of tim


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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1783: Remove the Globalist Systems, then Control the [CB] | [Old Guard] Exposed – February 4, 2019

Published on Feb 4, 2019

US Factory order tumbled in November, GM is looking to layoff 4000 employees to restructure, the car manufacture has been channel stuffing for years making it look like they were doing much better than they really were, now it is starting to show in the data and car sales are declining. Trump is disabling the globalist system one piece at a time, and while doing this preparing the world for new currency system. Trump is using the same players as when the system was brought online, they don’t even know they are helping him.

Published on Feb 4, 2019

The governor and Lt. Governor are in trouble, tick tock it is all being exposed. [DS] sets their sights on Tulsi Gabbard, try to push the Russian card. Intel agencies are still working against Trump, but it is failing and Trump understands the game. The Old Guard is in trouble, the are exposed and the propaganda is not working anymore, the Washington Post pushed an advertisement during the Super Bowl to convince the world to trust the MSM, they are losing the narrative and Trump is winning.


Operation Disclosure

(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1739: Fed Backed into a Corner, WTO Next, [DS] Being Removed – December 12, 2018

Published on Dec 12, 2018

Dick’s sporting good is looking to close down 35 stores across 18 states. US debt is approaching 22 Trillion dollars, this is part of the plan, push the debt level and the economy to the edge.China purchases soybeans from the US. Millennial’s are worse off then previous generations. The next push is the US removing itself from the WTO. There is a big economic structure change coming and this change is not just here in the US but it is across the world.

Published on Dec 12, 2018

Judge rules that Trump justified in ending Obama immigration program. More whistleblowers come forward in regard to the CF. Tom Finton will testify against the CF. Trump says he might need to get involved in the Huawei CFO case. Trump trapped Pelosi and Schumer on the border issue. Canada signs the UN Migration Pact. Korean troops verify removal of each other’s posts. Q drops more bread, proofs, France and the event to put an end to the protests. Q then has some Holiday fun and trolling the MSM.


Operation Disclosure


Bern: Politikerklassen vill underteckna avtal som ger globalisterna ännu mer makt över folken — NewsVoice.se – 13 November, 2018

KRÖNIKA. Lars Bern målar upp en dystopisk framtid. Det handlar om hur globalisterna ytterligare beskär människors rättigheter och friheter genom att införa FN:s migrationsavtal vars konsekvenser svenska politiker inte vill diskutera med folket. Globalisterna fortsätter med sitt tvärtomspråk. Det som lyfts fram som frihet för folken leder till sin motsats. Text: Lars Bern, Antropocene…..Läs mera

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The World is Manipulated — War is Big Profits – September 27, 2018

The World is Manipulated

GMO is Genetic Genocide

War is Big Profits

Control the oil, and you control nations.
Control the food, and you control the people.
-Henry Kissinger

It is All About Control

The Deep State, through Rockefeller, sought control not merely over oil, and all other emerging new energy sources for world economic advancement, but they also expanded their influence over the education of the youth, medicine and psychology, as well as expanding their control over the very science of life itself, biology, health care, and its applications in the world of plants and agriculture.

For the most part, their sinister efforts have passed unnoticed by the population at large. Few people were aware of how their lives were being subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, influenced by some or other project, financed with the immense wealth of the Rockefellers. Researching this subject, it soon became clear that the history of GMO’s was inseparable from the political history of this very powerful family.

Actually, the story of GMO’s is that of the evolution of power into the hands of the elite, during which time it was determined that they would bring the entire world under their control, no matter what the cost. Decades ago, that power was based around the Rockefeller family. Today, three of the four brothers have long-since deceased, several under peculiar circumstances, nevertheless, in line with their wishes, their project of global domination; full spectrum dominance as the Pentagon later referred to it, had spread, often with the deceptive rhetoric of democracy, and was aided from time to time by the raw military power of the Deep State empire when deemed necessary. Their project evolved to the point where one small power group, nominally headquartered in Washington DC in the early years of this century, stood determined to control all present and future life on this planet to a degree never before dreamed of.

The Rockefeller brothers created the very concept of multinational agribusiness. It is the story of the genetic engineering and patenting of plants and other living organisms.

Read more at: Operation Disclosure

or at: The Final Wake Up Call