Svidande kritik mot WHO:s rapport om coronapandemins ursprung | NewsVoice – 7 April, 2021

GRANSKNING. Efter nästan ett helt års fördröjning skickade WHO i början av 2021 en delegation till Wuhan för att fastställa coronapandemins ursprung. Gruppens slutsatser beskrivs i en artikel publicerad den 30 mars 2021 i SvD med rubriken en ”Läckt WHO-rapport: Viruset spreds från djur till människa”. Text: Margareta Skantze (, kulturskribent med ett förflutet på…

Svidande kritik mot WHO:s rapport om coronapandemins ursprung —

Canadian Parliament Erupt Over Cover Up Of Chinese Spies Stealing Coronavirus From Winnipeg Lab To Wuhan | GreatGameIndia – March 28, 2021

Recently, the Canadian parliament erupted over a heated debate regarding the cover-up of Chinese spies stealing coronavirus from the Winnipeg based BSL-4 lab to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The Chinese espionage story was first reported by GreatGameIndia in Jan, 2020, for which we are being actively targeted by the NATO’s war propaganda…

Canadian Parliament Erupt Over Cover Up Of Chinese Spies Stealing Coronavirus From Winnipeg Lab To Wuhan — GreatGameIndia

Claim: I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the coronavirus outbreak | Intellihub

Intellihub | By Lexi Morgan – February 17, 2020

“Once we realized that the Agent had escaped and would start to spread, we swiftly put all of Wuhan into lockdown”

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Ny rapport: SARS-CoV-2 påstås vara ett biovapen som avsiktligt släppts ut i världen |

Li-Meng Yan, 12 sep 2020. Foto: eget verk

NewsVoice – 8 Okt, 2020

NOTERAT. Li-Meng Yan, är den kinesiska virolog som arbetade på ett WHO reference lab vid Universitetet i Hong Kong och sedan flydde till utlandet för att meddela att viruset SARS-CoV-2 som ger sjukdomen Covid-19 är ett biovapen (”unrestricted bioweapon”) som påstås ha tillverkats på ett militärt lab i Wuhan. Biovapnet ska sedan avsiktligt ha släppts ut i världssamhället i staden Wuhan som har riklig internationell flygtrafik. NewsVoice publicerar inledningen på rapporten som är Public Domain.

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Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s mother arrested by Chinese Communist Party operatives in coronavirus cover-up |

 Oct 7, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The mother of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Hong Kong virologist and Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) whistleblower, has reportedly been arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a show of retaliation against Dr. Li-Meng for telling the world that the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory.

Miles Guo, appearing on “Bannon WarRoom” Ep. 419, explained to Steve Bannon that Dr. Li-Meng’s mother was taken into custody to punish her daughter for publicly blaming the communist Chinese regime for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19).

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(Video) Amazing Polly: Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 – July 13, 2020

Source: Amazing Polly

July 11, 2020

Tracing the Eugenicists’ technofascist takeover from World War 2 until present day by looking at the role of Ghislaine Maxwell’s two leading men: her father Robert Maxwell and her ‘business partner’ Jeffrey Epstein. In the first part I go through some fascinating history to set the stage, and then I get to more & more recent events to show that SCIENCE was co-opted to direct humanity into our current, near devastating condition. Topics covered: US Army’s “Project RUSTY”, NASA & JPL, Chinese studies of Population Control, Cybernetics, Wuhan connection, Qian Xeusen (who?) and more.


Credit: Public Intelligens Blog

Top Strategic Analysis of Recent False Flags and Critical Warning — Prepare For Change – June 14, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

Brilliant next level presentation by Ole Dammegard who has been a crucial truth seeker and intelligence reporter that made his reputation on false flag event analysis over the years. His work is found at

This discussion with Sacha Stone of New Earth Project, himself a global ambassador for critical thought and truth seeker, goes into the deep dive behind the current Agenda 21 and Operation Gladio tactics of the recent Covid-19 scheme and sets up the premise that there’s to be another false flag event. The interview took place days before the US police brutality event that lead to the current protests and riots in the US and being copied around the world. →

Read more & video(May 22, 2020): “5 Qs with Sacha Stone & Ole Dammegard Friday 10am EST /10pm Bali time” (55:34) via — Prepare For Change

Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020


Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020 om kraveller, Coronaviruset, 5G-teknikens utrullning och mycket annat.

Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020 — SWEBBTV – SwebbTV (15:21)

The Laundry List for All Trump Haters | May 26, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz | Paul Stramer

May 26, 2020

Last night on my weekly Zoom Conference I had the temerity to suggest (against all the collective “wisdom” of the Mainstream News) that President Trump is doing his job. I suppose I could have belabored the point a bit and gone into details for all the liberal cat-callers in the back row, but I had a lot of other material to cover and let it slide until this morning, when, lo and behold — look at what landed in my box?

The Laundry List of what DJT did for you and me and the world this past week —just in case you are one of the countless people who need to know and will never hear it from the Idiot Box: →

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(Video) Visselblåsare blottlägger agenda för tvångsvaccinationer i uppmärksammad dokumentär — Nya Dagbladet – 11 Maj, 2020

Judy Mikovits kommer med graverande uppgifter bland annat om Anthony Fauci som i Sverige blivit känd som “USA:s Anders Tegnell”. | Foto: faksimil/

(Nya Dagbladet)  I en explosiv dokumentärfilm går Dr Judy Mikovits, forskare och molekylärbiolog från University of Virginia, ut med sin berättelse om hur hon uppdagade djup korruption inifrån amerikanska myndigheter – en härva som genom läkemedelsindustrin leder hela vägen in i coronakrisen. Den nya dokumentären om Mikovits historia har bekämpats hårt av de stora tech-jättarna, men trots censurförsöken fortsätter den att gå viral även långt utanför USA. →

Läs mer & video: “Corona Virus – PlanDemic – Documentary” (26:09) via — Nya Dagbladet