VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2572 — Running Red In October | We Caught Them All, Think Military

By X22 Report – Published September 8, 2021

Ep. 2572a – There Is No Inflation If You Don’t Count Pork,Beef & Poultry, Running Red In October

China is now feeling the pain, the entire economic system cannot be sustained on the [CB] rule. Manchin will only support a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure. [JB] explaining how wages are going to go up and health care is going to be given to everyone. [JB] National Economic Council says there is no inflation if you strip out beef, poultry and pork. The country will be running red in October.


Ep. 2572b – We Caught Them All, I Don’t Think They Will Get Away With It, Think Military

The country is waking up, they realize [JB] was installed, he lies and he is a puppet of the [DS]. Everything he touches the opposite happens, it’s like he was setup to fail. The AZ forensic audit is about to be produced and Liz Harris revealed the canvassing numbers in AZ. The [DS] is now panicking. The [DS] was taken by surprise in 2016 and in 2020 the patriots not only surprised them but they caught it all. It is the largest sting operation the country has ever seen.


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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2571 — Trump Trapped Biden & The [CB] With Tariffs | The Country Will Be United Once Again

By X22 Report – Published September 7, 2021

Ep. 2571a – Trump Trapped Biden & The [CB] With Tariffs, [CB] Panics Over Currency

Trump has trapped [JB] and the [CB] by using tariffs, now Biden is in a tough spot when dealing with China and Europe, no matter what he does he does not win. The [CB] are panicking over alternative currencies, the people will decide in the end.


Ep. 2571b – The Tide Has Turned, Flags Out, The Country Will Be United Once Again

The patriots are now pushing forward, Big Pharma FDA, CDC and Fauci are now being exposed. The people are no longer believing what they are saying, the people are turning on them. Documents have been produced showing Fauci lied to congress and the American people, tick tock time is up.  The tide is turning, flags out patriots. The country will begin to come together, think crimes against humanity, treason, the forensic audits. Buckle up it’s going to get rough as the patriots produce the evidence and show the people the truth.


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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2570 — [CB] Worst Nightmare Is About To Happen | “Calm Before The Storm”

By X22 Report – Published September 6, 2021

Ep. 2570a – The [CB] Worst Nightmare Is About To Happen, Nothing Can Stop This

The [CB] is now panicking, their plan is failing, they thought they would be able to keep at home receiving a weekly check, now the unemployment insurance is coming to an end and the people are going to to wake up. The people will soon begin to feel the effects of the cost of food rising. El Salvador is now telling those people in the US to send bitcoin back to El Salvador.


Ep. 2570b – Message Received, “Calm Before The Storm”, Black Swan Event

The patriots have the [DS] where they want them. This is the calm before the storm, message sent and received. Everything that has happened was to prepare the people, the red pill needs to be easy to swallow. The patriots have now set everything in motion and the storm is coming. In China a black swan landed in the square. The people are awake, they have reached the precipice, the patriots are ready.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2569 — [CB] Knows They Cannot Control Inflation | “Fix 2020 First”

By X22 Report – Published September 5, 2021

Ep. 2569a – The [CB] Knows They Cannot Control Inflation, Trapped In Their System

The [CB] is now trapped in their own economic system, the people will start to turn on them, because what they are going to experience is going to be the opposite of what they have been told. The [CB] are preparing the next phase, wars failed, pandemic failed, and now they need some other event, this will fail, patriots know the playbook.


Ep. 2569b – “Fix 2020 First”, Red October, Stay Tuned And Watch, Brace For Impact

The patriots are preparing to release the forensic audit report, this is going to create chaos and the fake news, [DS] and corrupt politicians are going to do everything to stop it. They are now building up to a communication blackout. Trump and the patriots know this playbook and countermeasures are in place. The pandemic is losing its grip, as they continue to push their agenda people are waking up and no longer believing what they are saying. Red October is approaching, the storm is about to hit.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2568 — [CB]s Are Now Desperate | Countermeasures In Place

By X22 Report – Published September 3, 2021

Ep. 2568a – [CB]s Are Now Desperate, They Have No Cover Story, Panic

The employment numbers have been released and the economy is declining rapidly. The people see less jobs, inflation and soon higher taxes, the people are seeing everything playout. The [CB] is now panicking, the plandemic is not working, they cannot use it as a cover story, the [CB]s are now ready to make their next move.


Ep. 2568b – [Zero-Day] Is Approaching, Narrative Push, Countermeasures In Place

The [DS] is now preparing for [zero-day], they know the truth is coming out and more states are now looking to audit their election results. The AZ forensic audit report is going to be released around the end of September. The narrative is being built, FB is now removing political posts, Twitter put into place to block users, Amazon is now going to remove sites that they do not want and now the fake news/[DS] is pushing that the sun is acting up and we could see the internet hit by a solar storm. The patriots know the playbook, countermeasures are in place, blackeye protects against power grid attacks. The [DS] is panicking and they will try everything and anything, they are on the defensive, patriots know the playbook.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2567 — There Is A Collapse In Confidence In The [CB] System | Combatant Commanders Were Installed By The Patriots

By X22 Report – Published September 2, 2021

Ep. 2567a – When Does Gold React, When There Is A Collapse In Confidence In The [CB] System

The Chinese are now pushing their agenda for the Great Reset, they are now setting up ports and preparing to shift the economy into the new system. When the system begins to collapse and people lose confidence in the system gold and other metals will react, this is when the people will rush out of fiat. Vast bank is now insuring crypto deposits via the FDIC.


Ep. 2567b – 11 Of The Combatant Commanders Were Installed By The Patriots, We Are Here For A Reason

The [Ds] is now preparing for the fallout. It has been announced that the forensic audits are now going to be released sometime in September. The fake news is already reporting that protests are being put together during the same time to protest against those in jail, it’s a trap. Trump and the patriots have installed 11 Combatant commanders , there is a reason we are here. We are now reaching the precipices, buckle up its going to get chaotic. We knew this day would come, patriots in control.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2566 — [CB] Panicking, Losing Narrative | People Must Unite To Clean Out The [DS]

By X22 Report – Published September 1, 2021

Ep. 2566a – The World Is Now Feeling Inflation, [CB] Panicking, Losing Narrative

The inflation has now appeared out in the EU. Soon the world will see the inflation and the [CB] will not be able to stop it. They are exposed. The US is now saying that SS is going to run out a lot sooner than everyone thinks. JP Morgan is now fighting tax fraud. The entire banking system is corrupt. The [CB] is now panicking, nothing can stop this.


Ep. 2566b – People Must Digest & Accept Factual Events, People Must Unite To Clean Out The [DS]

The [DS] during Trump presidency projected everything they have done and will do onto Trump. Now the boomerang is come back at them, they are feeling the pain. The patriots need to show the people, it must be easy to digest and accept. This will unite the people. The people must be untied to remove the [DS]. The [DS] is now preparing for zero day, FB is now changing its algorithm so it filters out political news. More is on the way, sometimes the truth takes a while to show up, but once it does, nothing can stop it.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2565 — People Are Now Waking Up To The Economic Disaster | Message Sent & Received, Floor Is Yours

By X22 Report – Published August 31, 2021 

Ep. 2565a – Insiders Know, The People Are Now Waking Up To The Economic Disaster

Everything that [JB] touches fails. The people are seeing this first hand. The economy is failing and the people are now seeing it happen, they are losing confidence, they know something is wrong. The insiders are already protecting themselves, they are selling their stocks.


Ep. 2565b – Message Sent & Received, Floor Is Yours, Stay Alert, Be Vigilant, No Escape, No Deals

 The [DS] is panicking, [JB] is a disaster and they are now in the process of separating themselves from him. In the end [JB] will be removed by the 25th Amendment or something else will happen, what are they waiting for, the right time, timing is everything. Trump and the patriots now have everything in position, special ops are now being run in the DC and Trump sent a message, Make America Great Again. It’s time to take back the country, no deals, no escape, the floor is now his to run the op. Devolution, [NP] will try to make everyone believe that Trump is trying to nuke the US, projection, Defcon [1] non nuke.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2564 — Gold Destroys The Fed | In The End The People Win

By X22 Report – Published August 30, 2021

Ep. 2564a – Debt Payoff, Audit, Gold Destroys The Fed, Double Meaning

People are waking up to the fact that the economy is failing. [JB]/[CB] are showing the people the truth, the system does not work for the people. Trump and the patriots have a planned to bring down the [CB], gold will destroy the central bank, but not in the way that people believe.


Ep. 2564b -They Are Being Forced Into The Light, It Had To Be This Way, In The End The People Win

The [DS] is now being forced into the light, the plan has been accelerated and everyone can see it. The people are getting the truth out via social media, the fake news is being debunked in realtime. The people must walk through the darkness, more is coming and those people who are not awake will be forced to see the truth. It had to be this way, in the end the people will win. The [DS] playbook is known and since they follow the same playbook it is easy to counter their moves. We are in an information war and the [DS] is using all their ammunition, in the end this will fail.


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VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2563 — It’s All Beginning To Backfire On The [CB] | Something Good Will Happen To Our Country

By X22 Report – Published August 28, 2021

Ep. 2563a – It’s All Beginning To Backfire On The [CB], The People Will Know Soon

The people are starting to realize that [JB] is now going back on his promise, the people that he promised would not have to pay rent, now they have to pay rent. DHL is now warning about supply chain issues, the people will begin to know who is responsible


Ep. 2563b – Something Good Will Happen To Our Country, The People Will Figure It Out

[JB] was put into power because the [DS] had nobody else to go up against Trump. They were never on planning on keeping him the entire time, now they time has come and they don’t need him, think optics. The people have a front row seat to the show, they are watching the destruction of the old guard, people will soon figure out what is happening. Trump caught them all, he has it all and soon something good will happen to our country. The patriots strategically planned out the take down of the old guard.


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