(Video) X22Report Spotlight: The Toxic World Needs To Be Detoxed: Anna Rodgers & Eddie Stone

By X22Report Spotlight – Oct 10, 2020

Today’s Guest: Anna Rodgers & Eddie Stone

Todays Interview:

Anna Rodgers breaks down her story of how she overcame her harmful toxins in her body. For the better part of her life she felt tired, cloudy and out of sorts, she didn’t know what was wrong, then she discovered that toxins in food, vaccines and in our everyday life was effecting her health, she then took back control and started to detox to get rid of the toxins. Eddie Stone helped her get through this with a mineral called zeolite and in no time she started to feel better.

Video(42:11): https://youtu.be/Oit9w5E0ZBw

(Video) X22 Report Spotlight: The [DS] Is Panicking, Gen Flynn Is Not A Game Changer, It’s A Game Ender:Dr. Dave Janda

Source: X22Report Spotlight – Oct 3, 2020

Dave Janda talks about how the [DS] is panicking over Gen Flynn. They need to keep Flynn from talking to the public, he knows where the bodies are buried and he will reveal everything. If the Judge does not dismiss he believes the missing 302 will appear and Flynn will go free. The debates are not about debating the issues, Trump is using it to rattle and destroy JB, separate him from his far left base and bring out the corruption into the open.

Video(1:00:16): https://youtu.be/JWzqyI4mjbQ

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: What We Are Witnessing Is The [DS] Trying To Take Back Control: Anthony Brian Logan

Source: X22Report Spotlight – Sept 30, 2020

Today’s Guest: Anthony Brian Logan

Anthony Brian Logan discusses how mail in ballots could be used to create chaos in the election. Voter id is not racists because we need ids to drive a car, get welfare, food stamps a bank account etc. The virus event was blown out of proportion by the MSM. ABL became suspicious when the experts were explaining how the virus knows the difference between a rally and protest. What we are seeing has to do with the elections.

Video(35:37): https://youtu.be/RZ00i0PqzbY

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: The Patriots Are Now Exposing The [DS] To The Entire World:M3thods – Sept 27, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 26, 2020

M3thods talks about the current situation in the US. The people are waking up, they no longer believe the [DS]/MSM. The [DS] are preparing to push their agenda before and after the election, prepare for riots and chaos when they lose the election. The silent majority is much larger than the [DS]/MSM realize. The patriots are now declassifying all documents which will expose the [DS] to the world.

Video(37:36): https://youtu.be/8c6EWCwQLVU

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: People Are Waking Up To [DS] Events, The [DS] World Control Agenda Is Failing: Claudio Grass – Sept 25, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 24, 2020

Today’s Guest: Claudio Grass

Claudio discusses the virus event. That the people are not buying it anymore, the hospitalization rate is close to zero, the death rate is close to zero and this less harmful than the flu. The [DS] is now pushing their agenda for total control, but the people are waking up and the people are banning together. Claudio also discusses on how the [CB] are using the crisis to cover up the global economy implosion. Gold will continue to move up, but the [CB] will try to push it down.

Video(56:51): https://youtu.be/5I1FAqHpTdk

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: Assets Deployed Before & After The Election,Go Back To Beginning To Understand The End:Dave Hayes – Sept 19, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 19, 2020

Dave Hayes discusses how the [DS] is preparing to use everything they have to create chaos before and after the election. Be prepared for a candidate change most likely happening in Oct. When the [DS] loses in Nov, they will deploy everything they have, everyone will need to be prepared and ready.

Video(54:34): https://youtu.be/DLyxwH4LhNA

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: [DS] Players Are Extremely Nervous, Durham Will Expose It All To The People:Harley Schlanger – Aug 23, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Aug 22, 2020

Todays Interview:

Harley Schlanger discusses the Durham investigation, Kevin Clinesmith has now pleaded guilty and is pointing the finger at others. Brennan is being questioned and he will be pointing the finger at others, this will lead all the way the top. The [DS] is in trouble, this is why they are trying to manipulate the elections. The economy was artificially shutdown and it is now recovering.

Video(32:51): https://youtu.be/C8f4DelGHkg

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: Good Guys Are In Control Of The Fed, Transition Being Prepped, Silver Is The Key :Bix Weir – Aug 1, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

July 31, 2020

Todays Interview: Bix discusses why gold is increasing in value and why silver and gold ratio is going to start to close. The good guys are in control of the fed and now loading up the fed balance sheet to run the [CB] system into the ground. The fed will be restructured into the treasury and the transition is being prepped to move the country into a new currency system.

Video(33:43): https://youtu.be/WeN6Fr-lkUM

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: The World Is Flooded With Debt, Watch Gold, In The End There Will Be A Run On Gold: Carlo Civelli – July 20, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

July 19, 2020

Today’s Guest:

Carlo Civelli Todays Interview: Todays interview is with Carlo Civelli. Carlo brings more than 30 years of experience in venture capital and natural resource sector. Carlo discusses how the economy will perform during and after the pandemic. Carlo believes that in the end the debt load will become so large that people will run to gold. We are closer to that point than people realize.

Video(24:42): https://youtu.be/r1v4h993AGE

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Just The Beginning, It’s Going To Be Biblical:Jordan Sather – July 17, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

July 16, 2020

Todays Interview:

Todays interview is with Jordan Sather. Jordan explains that the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is just the beginning. The arrest will lead to many others which will include, Hollywood, Politicians, Royalty and more. The discussion then moves onto the pandemic and how the patriots are going to produce a cure. The [DS] will continually push events until election time, their goal is regain power but this will fail, patriots already know the playbook.

Video(47:43): https://youtu.be/QkmqPFMkWdU