Moving Mountains — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – November 17, 2019

Your beauty and strength are not determined by your physical self, what you can gain or what influence you have on your Earth plane.

Your beauty comes from your connection to The Universe, your kindness and compassion, how you relate to others, being able to practice forgiveness (to yourself and those around you) and how much growth/learning you allow yourself to experience.  Always remember, you are a child of The Universe and a gift to your world.  You can move mountains! ~ Creator

SourceThe Creator Writings

The Galactic Federation: Vortex of Light, Revaluation — May 11, 2018

Divine Beings Of Love, Tapping into the stream of love present, is tapping into the stream of self. The energetic vibration that runs through all living things on earth and beyond. Animals vibrate it. Trees carry its light within. Even rocks, Crystals and clouds hold love energetic streams within their forms. This portal like current…Read more

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