By SGT Report – November 5th, 2020

The evidence is overwhelming and EVERYWHERE, the election results showing Joe [B]iden is leading are fraudulent. The US Presidential election results to this point are illegitimate and easily proven to be so. Even Democrats are sounding the alarm now, “THIS IS A COUP.”

Video(10:24): https://www.bitchute.com/video/zV14YgV4ojDx/

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All employees of Big Tech are hereby designated enemies of America | NaturalNews.com

 October 31, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf has now called out Twitter for its censorship, claiming the social media platform “endangers national security” with its outrageous, never-ending censorship spree.

In a scathing letter, Wolf demanded Twitter, “commit to never again censoring content” on its platform, following Twitter’s malicious censorship of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan.

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Google Whistleblower & Conservative Influencers File Lawsuit To Punch Google & Restore Free Speech | Activist Post

Activist Post | By Maryam Henein – October 30, 2020

The unprecedented censorship we are facing is the biggest threat to democracy in our history. Imagine waking up to find that, without any notice, you have been deplatformed and deleted off YouTube; years of your work — poof — gone in an instant. When someone violates someone’s right to speak, they violate your right to listen. This type of digital assassination is enough to make you want to punch Google in the kisser.

Read more & video(43:36): “Cris Armenta Explains the Legal Strategy of the PunchGoogle Emergency Injunction”: Google Whistleblower & Conservative Influencers File Lawsuit To Punch Google & Restore Free Speech — Activist Post

Anställd på Google: Vi påverkar demokratiska processer | Nya Dagbladet

Nya Dagbladet – 30 Oktober, 2020

I ännu en hemlig inspelning av Project Veritas bekräftar en medarbetare på Googles annonsavdelning hur företaget utvecklat verktyg och processer för att kunna indoktrinera användarna med en vänsterpolitisk agenda och förtrycka andra politiska alternativ.

Läs mer & video(5:13): Project Veritas: “ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Google Ads Exec Boasts Company Can Censor ‘Right-Wing’ & Republicans” Anställd på Google: Vi påverkar demokratiska processer — Nya Dagbladet

Norberg om Amazing Polly: Så här går professionell research till | NewsVoice

Amazing Polly | Bitchute-kanal

NewsVoice – 24 Oktober, 2020

DEBATT. Den 6:e oktober tipsades NewsVoice av Jan Norberg om den frispråkiga, medryckande och knivskarpa medborgarjournalisten ”Amazing Polly”. Den 15:e oktober valde Youtube att ta ner hela hennes kanal som var mycket populär. I samband med det gick hon över till Bitchute. Norberg kommenterar hennes arbete och hon själv tar upp nedstängningen i videon ovan.

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[Y]ou_Tube [B]LOCKING videos that question [C]OVID vaccine, calling it “misinformation” | NaturalHealth365


(NaturalHealth365) As much of the world waits with bated breath for the development of a coronavirus vaccine – which mainstream media will have us believe is a requirement for any possible “return to normal” in society – video-sharing mega-platform YouTube is taking no chances on spreading alleged misinformation about the controversial drug-in-development.

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By SGT Report – Oct 20, 2020

[The [c]riminal You Tube [P]urge continues unabated and in real time. The PEOPLE in these corporations who are responsible for these crimes – this biased censorship, election meddling and criminal tortious interference need to be held personally accountable for their actions, and for the financial, psychological and quantifiable real world damages they have caused.]

Video(5:19): https://www.bitchute.com/video/4wq7yFK1D1u6/

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[V]ideo: Senior [G]oogle [M]anager On Search Engine’s Power… | [P]roject [V]eritas

By [Project Veritas]

[SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Oct. 19, 2020] A senior [G]oogle manager exposed the search engine and social media giant’s suppression of speech and democracy in a [P]roject [V]eritas report released today.

Read more & video(8:43): https://www.projectveritas.com/news/senior-google-manager-on-search-engines-power-you-are-just-plain-and-simple/

(Video) Nyla Nguyen — 3D to 5D Consciousness: Fight censorship, protect self online, CAD gov shuts down & sued,FB sued, learn discernment-E. April – Aug 23, 2020

Source: 3D to 5D Consciousness

Aug 22, 2020

Watch the latest broadcast on the war between Light and Dark. I’m sharing the audience ways that the collective can fight back against censorship. It’s time for us to take action and no longer be complacent watching youtube videos. We need to make a clear stance against the Dark ETs, we are not going to accept their tyranny. I’m sharing coverage that the Canadian government is being sued by the people, and Trudeau has also closed down the government until October. Facebook is also facing lawsuits. The Light is winning more and more, as human trafficking down by 96%, Manhattan New York is out of business, the old world is crumbing right before our eyes. The first indictment has already been unsealed, former FBI Kevin Cline Smith charged and will plead guilty. I’m exposing another False Light, a response to Elizabeth April character assassination attempt on my last message about her work.

Video(1:39:58): https://youtu.be/4V0IVGkm6TA

Alternative recommended by Nyla Nguyen:

Search engine: https://duckduckgo.com/

Browser: https://brave.com/

Telegram messenger

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Exposed: YouTube, Google & Facebook Blatant Censorship Tactics | Collective Evolution – Aug 21, 2020

Collective Evolution – Aug 20, 2020

  • The Facts: Modern censorship is beginning to leave humanity severely uninformed about issues that pertain to daily life. They affect you, your loved ones and the community you live in locally and globally.
  • Reflect On: Do we realize why billions of dollars are spent by powerful figures to research how our perception can be controlled best?

It is often said that what we are experiencing in our society right now, including in much of our past, is a war on consciousness. To look at it another way, a war on your perspective – a fight to control the overwhelming mainstream narrative.

those who tell the stories rule society.” – Plato

Read more & CETV: “Exposed: YouTube, Google & Facebook Blatant Censorship Tactics” (23:50) via — Collective Evolution