VIDEO: SSP Update:THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE – Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs | Corey Goode

SphereBeing Alliance – Premiered Aug 1, 2022


1. SSP Update: THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE – Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs (Preview – AscensionWorks.TV Members Only) – Video Version will be published on AWTV & YouTube SOON! Enjoy the members-only preview!

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VIDEO: Corey Goode | Updates Begin – Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership disappearances & Exposing Ufology Corruption

SphereBeing Alliance – July 15, 2022

Please Share EVERYWHERE! Since making the details public about our upcoming Shock Documentary Series that will reveal the criminal extortion, theft, corruption, infiltration, manipulation, and other disgusting behaviors from Public Figures and Gurus in the Disclosure and Spiritual Lightworker community we have had a number of people come forward to tell their stories. We are hearing horror stories of being taken advantage of financially and manipulated into sexual acts that have done irreparable damage to their spiritual path – in some cases causing emotional breakdowns that will take years to recover from.

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