SOTN: “IT’S A FULL-BLOWN COMMUNIST PLOT” — Whistleblower Reveals the Plan – Aug 9, 2020

State of the Nation

Aug 8, 2020


Democrat’s 2020 Election Strategy is really
a COMMUNIST PLOT fomenting violent
insurrections in sanctuary cities and states
as well as a planned coup d’état to overthrow
the American Republic.

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(Video) Trump Does The Unthinkable By Liz Crokin – Aug 4, 2020

Source: Liz Crokin

July 16, 2020

I wrote an article titled Trump Does The Unthinkable in 2016 because I was so disgusted at the lies the mainstream media & loud-mouthed celebrities were spreading about then presidential candidate Donald Trump. No one had anything bad to say about Trump till he made the decision to run for President as a Republican. My goal was to capture the essence of who the real Donald Trump is. This article went viral immediately & recently it’s been circulating a lot again across multiple social media platforms. I decided to turn this article into a video to reach as many people as possible so they too can learn the true heart of our President during a time when it’s still very hard to find honest reporting anywhere in the media. →


White Hat Auxiliaries: Information Briefing #156 – Aug 4, 2020

George Soros in Davos: 2020 Election Will Determine ‘Fate of the World’ — Humans Are Free – July 4, 2020

George Soros In Davos

(Humans Are Free)

Left-wing billionaire George Soros on Thursday reportedly warned that the 2020 election will determine the “fate of the world” and lashed out at President Donald Trump during a private dinner event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Soros, the 89-year-old founder of the progressive advocacy organization Open Society Foundations, accused the president of being a “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve around him,” according to CNBC.

“When his fantasy of becoming president became a reality,” his ego swelled, Soros said, adding: “This has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease.” →

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COVID-19 Hype Is Essential… – June 29, 2020

Source: Zero Hedge | By Tyler Durden

Authored by ‘sundance’ via,

June 28, 2020

In order to support the most important political objectives of the DNC writ large in the 2020 election, COVID-19 hype is essential.

  • Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily achieve ‘mail-in’ voting; which they desperately need in key battleground states in order to control the outcome.
  • Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump; which they desperate need to do in key battleground states.
  • Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised, challenger.

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Black Conservative Patriot

June 26, 2020


Second Channel: THE BCP REPORT

Trump Triumph Part III: Mobilize 70% of the Voters Now Dis-Enfranchised — Trade Honest Congress in 2022 for Mother of All Landslides in 2020 — Public Intelligence Blog – June 16, 2020

ROBERT STEELE with CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: This is a very simple proposition.  The Deep State is enabled by the Shadow Government.  The Shadow Government consists of the two-party tyranny combined with the secret intelligence community and treasonous elements of the rest of the government, all penetrated by both foreign powers, particularly Israel and Great Britain, and all with an alternative chain of command from the Freemasons and other secret societies. The only way to cut the Deep State off from the Shadow Government is to implement electoral reform such that the below twelve elements open Congress up to Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitution, #WalkAway, and those who despise the GOP but are loyal to President Donald J. Trump and America First. →

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Trump did WHAT??? !!! — Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS – June 8, 2020

Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS

Catterall Bernice on June 8, 2020

Dude has been in office for 3 years…. what has he done? Other than dodging the darts the media and Pelosi have thrown?!? what have PRESIDENT TRUMP and his cabinet accomplished…..

Here you go. →

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Health Ranger calls on all Americans to withdraw CONSENT from rigged 2020 election outcomes as Big Tech has crushed free speech, the pillar of democracy and the “freedom to think” — – May 31, 2020

(Natural News) As excited as many Americans probably are about pulling the lever for Donald Trump again this fall, the prospect of wide-scale voter fraud is really putting a damper on things.

Of pressing concern is the sudden push for mail-in voting in response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Many Democrats claim this is the only way to keep people “safe” from a “second wave,” but is there more to it than that? →

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