Amazing Photos From Around The World – March 30, 2017

The famous” Rosa Moss Bridges”,



Thanks, Nancy Each year in February, the sun’s angle is such that Horsetail Falls waterfall lights up like fire. Yosemite, USA Houseboat, Iceland. Panda, scared after the earthquake in Japan, embraced the leg of a policeman. Kalapana, Hawaii where the sea meets the lava. Beijing Airport by night. Two year-old Chimpanzee feeding milk to…

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Striking Photos Of WWII Refugees Escaping to Safety In Syria – March 01, 2017

By It’s amazing how quickly we forget history. The current war refugee situation in Europe is not the first of its kind and will probably not be the last. 70 years ago, during the height of WWII conflict, tens of thousands of refugees walked the exact same path that those escaping the Syrian conflict walk…

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Helicopter Surveillance – July 29 ,2016

Hi all 🙂
Over a period of time have helicopters arrived on a visit. I have not invited them.
Those of you who read my forward posts from other sites. Do you think they are conspiracy theories? I am not saying that everything I´m forwarding to my blog is true it is up to you to decide, use your own judgement and listen to your heart.
Why will these helicopters come to visit because the criminal power users
don’t like awake and dedicated people who want to improve society for all. They
like sheep running in the pack and bleats. We are manipulated and cheated at all.
Enough is enough. This is our planet and our society. You are all my brothers and sisters and all of us have a divine birthright that is Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom NOW. Time to wake up, right? Take Care! Love and Light! I Love You! The Light Has Won!


Chemtrails Stockholm, Sweden, June 22, 2016

Early in the morning, clear blue sky, beautiful and then comes the spraying again, -Chemtrails. -Governments across the world are betraying their own inhabitants, us when they allow these Chemtrails that spread  above us. –How can our Governments allow this?-What do our Governments?Bows and bucks and thank you so much?  –We need new leaders who work FOR us and Mother Earth.

 This is a crime against Humanity and Mother Earth.

 “Unsuspecting citizens mistake chemtrails for regular airplane tracks, but that’s not what they are. They’re chemical loads that are poured out above our heads by planes that have been specially equipped for this. The objective of these loads is to make the population ill and to inhibit their development. This operation is part of the illuminati’s ambition to force back the World population to proportions they can control (approx 500 million). They’re led by NATO, which, just as the UN, is an illuminati organisation.

Chemtrails can be recognised by the thick stripes they form in the sky. They don’t dissolve within a few seconds, as normal exhaust fumes of planes (also called contrails) do, but slowly fan out. Since they are nearly always sprayed in a screen pattern by multiple planes, they can fill up a clear blue sky nearly entirely with a white veil within half an hour.

A list of things to be found in chemtrails:

Heavy metals such as barium, aluminium, strontium, cadmium, titanium, Viruses, bacteria, mould and mycoplasmas (which are related to the pathogenic kinds that are used in biowarfare) Chemicals such as polymeric fibres, calcium chloride (CAC12), silver iodide (Agl) and ethylene dibromide (EDP) which was used as pesticide, among other uses, but is now prohibited because it’s carcinogenic Some of these chemicals have a consciousness-inhibiting effect on the brain. Chemtrails are mostly poured out over the western world. In densely populated areas you can usually see chemtrails multiple Days a week, in thinly populated areas only sporadically.

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