The Plant that Stops Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria — Waking Times

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become an out-of-control problem in our world, as doctors and leading health officials know too well. For over 100 years, Western Rockefeller Medicine and Big Pharma have been conjoined twins attached at the hip; you cannot have one without the other. Western medicine has fully embraced the drugs, radiation and surgery model, and…

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U.N. Legal Expert Calls Proposed Trade Deals “Illegal” — Covert Geopolitics

The United Nations human rights legal expert expressed concerns over the various corporate trade deals, e.g. TTIP, CETA, CISA, TTP, that were all discussed under the public radar, in defiance to all established democratic norms.

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10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens — Latest UFO sightings

Is it possible that humanity is being watched since the very beginning? Check out this informative video compilation of the best UFO & Alien pictures made in our history. What’s your favorite? The post 10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens appeared first on Latest UFO sightings.

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(SIGN PETITION) To save Europe’s Internet, June 30, 2016

This summer, the EU decides on net neutrality. If we lose, European ISPs win the power to give some sites & apps special treatment—while slowing others to a crawl. On June 28, the EU Slowdown begins. Sites will protest with a slow loading icon based on Europe’s flag, to drive millions of comments to EU regulators. Can you join?

Submit a comment to BEREC now. There’s not much time. Here:


BEREC=Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications

Läkemedelsindustrin – träffande humor med galenskaparna —

Galenskaparna gör en sketch som visar på korruptionen inom läkemedelsindustrin. The post Läkemedelsindustrin – träffande humor med galenskaparna appeared first on

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VIDEO(English) – Abby Martin on glyphosate and Monsanto, America’s Monster — NewsVoice – Public Service på riktigt!

”Few corporations in the world are as loathed—and as sinister—as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto’s main product as carcinogenic to humans. With protests against the agrochemical giant held in over 40 countries in May, learn why…

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Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of America — Ready for Disclosure

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Åsa Moberg: Skeptiker mot homeopati bör begrunda påstådd ”evidensbaserad” vård och vårdskadorna — NewsVoice – Public Service på riktigt!

Medan homeopati jagas med högaffel av etablissemanget i Sverige skadas 100 000 i den vanliga ”evidensebaserade” vården varje år, vilket leder till att vårdtiderna förlängs med 800 000 extra vårddygn till en kostnad av 7 miljarder kronor. ”Det är ett faktum värt att begrunda för kritiker av homeopatin”, skriver författaren och debattören Åsa Moberg. Text:…


A Better Model for How to Treat Cancer (video) — The Truth About Cancer

Video Transcript: A Better Model for How to Treat Cancer Ty Bollinger: So, talk about the model that you use to treat cancer. Dr. David Brownstein: Well, I sort of use the model I was taught in medical school. In medical school, I was taught to: 1) take a history and to listen to patients and to hear their complaints,…

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Intel SITREP by Dinar Chronicles, June 29th, 2016



Intel SITREP from DEEP SOURCE – June 29, 2016

“Ultimate Deadline” – Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) for June 29


Deep Source (RV/GCR):

“The RV is scheduled to begin on July 3rd with the new gold standard USN.”

Deep Source (Resistance):

“Rodrigo Duterte, president-elect of the Philippines, chosen by the Chinese Elders will be inaugurated tomorrow, June 30, 2016. This will mark the day of yet another victory for the Resistance next to the Brexit. Official recognition of the restored US Republic is scheduled for Independence Day, the 4th of July.”

Deep Source (The Alliance):

“The Alliance is now in control of the planet. Pockets of Cabal resistance still present. Ultimate deadline to synchronize events set for July 5th. Victory to the Light.”

Note from Deep Source(s):

“Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn’t lose hope. Nothing lasts forever.”