Operation Disclosure: Geopolitical GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 9, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Alliance have solved the Middle East situation behind closed doors with all participating countries.

The Iran Nuclear deal is a master denuclearization plan for both Israel and Iran. The plan will also expose the Uranium One deal including all involved Cabal/Deep State officials.

Netanyahu attended Russia’s Victory Day which signifies his surrender to the Alliance’s ultimatum via Putin.


The escalation between Syria, Iran, and Israel is now being orchestrated as part of a soft disclosure plan.


Those in the know of what is going on are the minority thus is why the Alliance deems soft disclosure is necessary prior to GESARA.

Required activation’s for the RV release were completed today according to several sources.

There is a high chance of the toll-free 800 number release this midnight between 11:58 PM EDT and 12:01 AM EDT.

Never give up and never lose hope, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Source: Operation Disclosure


Sananda: Gaia is About to Take Off — May 7, 2018

Greetings friends! I am your Sananda, here tonight looking down upon you all from the bridge of my ship, the New Jerusalem, overlooking your progress, and it is great and grand, my friends. The swamp is being drained, the minions collected and the darkness is being returned to the light. Shine your lights a bit…Read more

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Purge at highest levels of secret Government spells doom for the satanists. Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis by Benjamin Fulford (Excerpt) – May 7, 2018

A change of guard and a purge of secret power brokers is breaking the deadlock in the battle for the Earth, say Pentagon, Vatican, agency, and other sources.  This is expected to result in the official disclosure of 9/11 and 3/11 truth as well as the removal of several G7 leaders, according to the sources.  To kick off this process, Admiral Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA who “resigned” on May 4th, “will testify before Congress to deal death blow to the cabal,” Pentagon sources say.

A publicly visible sign of this change was the formal election of Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre as the 80th Grand Master of the Knights of Malta on May 2.

This is important because the Knights of Malta is not just a charity, but a military order whose members, the tip top of the Western elite, must obey orders.  At one point MI6 sent me a list of the members of the order and I saw that it included enough senior U.S. military officers and agency officials to control the military-industrial complex.  Unfortunately, somebody was so concerned about my having it that it was removed from my computer along with a removable backup hard drive I thought I had hidden away.  Nonetheless, other public lists show the order includes people like George Bush Sr. and Jr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

What is interesting about Dalla Torre is that he obeys Pope Francis, unlike his predecessor, Fra’ Robert Festing, who reported to Cardinal Raymond Burke.  This is what self-described satanist Leo Zagami had to say about this move:

“Our worst fears became real when the last traditionalist Order that poses a threat to Francis, the Knights of Malta, still immensely powerful within the military and intelligence community worldwide (including the conservative side of the C.I.A), have seemingly lost their battle for the defense of tradition and Christianity.”

Zagami has told this writer he has eaten human fetuses and participated in occult ceremonies to “summon demons” and other entities.  I suppose that it is this “tradition” that he is defending.  He also said Christianity was “a religion for the slaves.” So the “Christianity” he is defending is the continued enslavement of humanity.

In any case, these changes are not just connected to religion, but are also intimately linked to the highest levels of world finance and power.  This is because the Vatican secretly controls most world governments and leaders by giving them a choice between “lead or silver,” i.e. assassination or a large deposit in their name at the Vatican bank, confirmed by P2 Freemasons and other sources.

On this front, Vatican #3 and person in charge of Finance, Cardinal George Pell, has been removed from power ostensibly because he faces criminal charges for covering up sex abuse in the church.  Coincidentally, his trial began on May 2, the same day the Knights of Malta elected their new leader.

This means that the apex of Western finance, the essence of the Deep State, is under new management.

These changes coincide with a huge move by Pope Francis to use high-level financial instruments to finance …

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 6, 2018


Dear Ones, it is so important that you decide for yourselves what any element is like for you. What ease looks like for you might be something completely different for another person. What you consider support might be the last thing another person needs and vice versa. What is fun for you may be an awful time for others. Even your expressions of love can be vast and varied.

Most of your dissatisfaction comes from not even knowing your own preferences because you’ve been so conditioned and influenced by how society, your friends, and your families think things should be. How on earth can you create a life of comfort and ease that holds the perfect matches for you if you’ve never given yourself time to discover your true desires?

It is also important to understand that your needs and preferences will continue to shift as you continue to evolve. So we urge you to take the time to get to know yourselves and what works for you in your present moment. You are the empowered expert on you! Taking the time to explore, understand, and honour your needs is what will allow you to create much more satisfying experiences and conditions.

Taking the time to ask, “Is that what I really want or need, or is it what others say I should want or need?” before you make any choices is an empowered act of self love and self acceptance, that will bring you far greater clarity and thus transform all your creations into better feeling outcomes. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Trinity Esoterics

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 4, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Deep State/Cabal are being forced into a corner through soft disclosure.

They are being kept under constant pressure by the Alliance.

The Alliance’s goal is to completely remove the Deep State/Cabal’s ability to fight financially and politically.

Syria is the final geopolitical battleground between the Alliance and the Deep State/Cabal.

The Deep State/Cabal’s power and funds is near depletion.

The final blow is the enactment of GESARA which is set to occur after the last geopolitical battle is resolved.

Once GESARA is enacted, the new financial system will be announced, the GCR will occur, and military tribunals will begin.

The RV release is a pre-GESARA event and will occur some time around the final outcome of the situation in Syria.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Banks – The Definition of Terrorism — Wake Up World – May 3rd, 2018

May 3rd, 2018 By Paul Buchheit Guest writer for Wake Up World Meeting the Definition of Terrorism: Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Banks Various definitions of terrorism have been proposed in recent years, by organizations such as the FBI, the State Department, Homeland Security, and the ACLU. Some common threads persist throughout their definitions: violence, injury or death, intimidation, intentionality, multiple…Read more

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