The Final Wakeup Call – EU Super State – April 25, 2019

Pan-European Union
The End of Sovereignty
The EU is a Totalitarian Monster
The Reform that will make a huge difference
EU Parliament is a complete Farce
Assange, Brexit, QFS, GCR, EU-elections and Notre Dame Fire

The United States of Europe

The EU is a major example of what is called the post-industrial, post-democratic society in which unelected bureaucrats, technocrats, and ‘experts’ dictate to an oppressed human society. This can be witnessed and is prevalent every day.

The giant deception of the century is the establishment of a totalitarian bureaucratic Super State called the European Union, which was planned and concocted in today’s form over 60 years ago. It started with a ‘free trade area’ and morphed into todays’ centrally dictated Super State, where the line has been crossed in the direction of fascism and communism.

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(Video) X22 Report: We Are At The Precipice, Trump Tweets Out The Charge To Drain The Swamp – Episode 1850 — April 24, 2019

The S&P has all time highs and the MSM doesn’t event care, they use to care but now they are downplaying because they can’t use the economy as a weapon. Trump has taken control of the Fed and the Fed is now losing control of the interest rates. The tariffs and deregulation offensive is working, companies are comping back slowly. Mortgage apps tick up which means Trump will need to tell the Fed to lower rates. The [DS] is losing the narrative, all they have left is impeachment, but the Senate was the key and they know that this is not going to work. The MSM is implicated in the overthrow and now there is a list of those who were involved. Guilianni hits back at [HRC] saying that we should keep an eye on Ukraine. Rep Radcliffe says Sally Yates has explaining to do. Trump tweets out that it is time to Drain The Swamp. All blocks are removed, the investigation and evidence are in place, everything is now moving into place to charge and use the storm to wreak havoc on those individuals that committed crimes.

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(Video) X22 Report: Last Resort Activated, No Blockade = Game Over, Tick Tock – Episode 1849 — April 23, 2019

May is going try once more to get the vote for her plan, most likely it will fail, the EU wants this plan this is why she is pushing so hard. New home sales soar more than expected as prices fall. Gold was forced down once again, somebody dumped 11,500 contracts which brought the gold price down. Trump points the finger at Krugman, he was completely wrong about the market, it did not crash. JW reports that [HRC] emails were found in the White House and on Weiner’s laptop, Obama is most likley implicated in her scheme. The dossier was used for it all and it is completely fake.JW wants Schiff investigated for ethical violations. Illegal immigration used for voting and to change the electoral college. SC investigation did not work, obstruction did not work, impeachment did not work, the [DS] is preparing to use the last resort, it has been activated.

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(Video) X22 Report: With This One Tweet Trump Just Slammed Down The Hammer – Episode 1848 — April 22, 2019

US existing homes decline, this is the 13th straight month in a row, the patriots will need the Fed to cut rates to keep the economy going until 2020. Warren wants student loan forgiveness, why don’t we go after the real problem, which is the [CB], what she is suggesting will not fix the problem. SS is going negative in 2020. Cain backs out, because the [DS][CB] players are pushing back, they know whats coming.The Nobel laureate Steven Chu lets the secret out of the bag, the [CB] needs population growth to continue their system. The [DS] are throwing everything they have at Trump to try to get him on impeachment, nothing is going to stick because the crimes that were committed were by the [DS]. Think Mirror. Trump slammed down the hammer with a single tweet which starts everything in motion. Obama, HRC and other are tweeting from the same script in regards to the latest event.

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China poised to seize Daimler Benz, Deutsche Bank as German 4th Reich collapses – Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis by Benjamin Fulford (Excerpt) – April 22, 2019

By Benjamin Fulford

Germany and its EU 4th Reich regime are under siege and facing collapse due to a massive debt load and popular resistance in occupied states like France and Italy. As a result, Germany may be forced to sell its crown jewels—the Daimler Benz Corporation and Deutsche Bank—to the Chinese, according to Japanese military intelligence and other sources.

The sacrificial burning of Notre Dame Cathedral to Molech (Ba’al, Set, Satan) was a desperate attempt by superstitious EU Khazarian satanists to somehow reverse their fortunes, P2 Freemason sources say.

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(Video) X22 Report: It’s Time To Turn The Tables And Bring Justice, Pain Coming – Episode 1847 — April 21, 2019

The housing market is falling apart, the bubbles are getting ready to pop and many states are losing their population which is not a good sign for housing, if the population decreasing the housing market implodes. CA population is declining, so are many other states. Watch CA, something is about to happen. The public is now waking up to the fact that the [CB] is responsible for the economy crashing and it is not a benefit to the people. The [DS] and the MSM are trying many different narrative angles to control what is happening, but many of their past stories are showing they reported fake news. The Mueller report is a complete mess, the report tries to exonerate [HRC], protect key players and push the obstruction charge against Trump, all of this is a big fail. Pain coming. The [DS] knows the Declass is coming soon but they do not know what date and they are using ammunition every couple of days to keep the news cycle very busy.

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(Video) X22 Report: [DS] Code Words, Panic In DC , Patriots In Control – Episode 1846 — April 19, 2019

Trump and the patriots are working to revitalize the US, they are rushing against the clock. The [CB] is imploding and they are doing everything to keep it from going down before everything is place to transition into the new economy. The housing market is collapsing, it looks like it might be time for the Fed to cut rates. Trump almost has all the players in wants in the Fed to restructure it, the people that he placed in the Fed are all on the same page. After the Mueller report the MSM, [DS] and others are completely freaking out, they are panicking like we have never seen. Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose. The [DS] wants the unredacted report to see who is listed in the ongoing investigations. [RR] is on his way out. Comey tweets a pic of the forest and then another of new trees growing. The NYT puts out an article about ND and explains that the attic was called the forest. Patriots are in control, next DECLASS.

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