How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure (Video) – February 17, 2018


January 14th, 2018

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) continue to ignite conversations and controversy worldwide. The most dangerous pollution affecting you is the invisible sea of EMFs your body swims in daily. You are exposed to EMFs all day long, not only in public but inside your home too. Most of the radiation emits from cellphones, cell towers, computers, smart meters and Wi-Fi, to name just a few of the culprits.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid EMF exposure completely, there are practical ways to limit it. Given the number of EMFs that bombard you all day long, getting educated about the negative effects of EMFs is imperative to your well-being. Particularly if you are dealing with a serious illness, it is well worth your time to reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible. If you have been told EMFs are safe and not a danger to humans, you may want to consider:

  • The telecommunication industry has manipulated federal regulatory agencies, public health authorities and professionals through powerful and sophisticated lobbying efforts leaving consumers confused and unaware of the health risks associated with EMFs
  • Any negative health effects from EMFs, similar to smoking, may not be immediately noticeable, but will likely develop gradually over time. Cell phones indeed are the cigarette public health threat of the 21st century.


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Nestlés VD ser människor som boskap som ej har rätt till vatten (Video) – 13 Februari, 2018


I en österrikisk dokumentär vid namn ”We Feed The World” (Vi Matar Världen) kastas det ett kritisk ljus på den växande massproduktionen av mat och dess industrialisering. Vi får bl.a se Nestlés VD Peter Brabeck likställa människor vid boskap, som t.ex inte har rätt till vatten. Den här nedsättande synen på människor verka vara den rådande normen bland samhällets toppskikt och så kallade ”ledare”. Henry Kissinger har även han likställt människor till ”useless feeders” bland många andra exempel. Video dokumentär

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