Leaked Video Shows Monkeys, Dogs, Cats Being Tortured In Pharma Testing Lab — Waking Times – October 19, 2019

John Vibes, Truth Theory
Waking Times

Disturbing footage recently leaked from a German pharmaceutical research lab shows monkeys screaming while essentially being tortured. Other animals including cats and dogs also seen bleeding, or in the process of dying in the graphic video. Most of the footage that has been released focuses on the monkeys, who can be seen restrained with large metal bars that wrapped around their necks. →

Warning: Disturbing images

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Petition: STOPPT TIERVERSUCHE – Schließt das LPT “Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology“ Hamburg: https://www.change.org/p/we-are-against-animal-cruelty-close-the-laboratory-of-pharmacology-and-toxicology-in-hamburg

Military Police Deployed As 500,000 Catalan Independence Protesters Shut Down Barcelona — October 19, 2019

By Tyler Durden

(Activist Post)  Central Barcelona has reportedly been paralyzed as mass protests which international reports estimate to number over a half-million people are driven by outrage at harsh prison sentences for pro-independence leaders handed down by the top Spanish court. →

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Tulsi Gabbard Just Called Hillary Clinton The “Embodiment Of Corruption” And Much More — Collective Evolution – October 19, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently suggested that she thinks Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, is being “groomed” by Russia to run as a third-party candidate in 2020. Of course, she supplied no evidence of this, but using “Russia” in any sentence in the US is a sure-fire way of striking fear in people about someone. →

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This is Not A Movie, It’s October 1st, 2019 In Hong Kong — Collective Evolution – October 18, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  In the video below, what looks like a Hollywood movie is the reality just a couple of weeks ago in Hong Kong. Riot police and protesters have been clashing for months as the streets become filled with hundreds of tear gas canisters and Molotov cocktails. Having covered the G20 summit in Toronto, these scenes appear much more tense than what I saw during those protests, and even those were filled with vandalism, pepper spray, burning cars and rubber bullets. →

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Climate Hoax – The Final Wakeup Call – October 18, 2019

Our sun exerts control on the planets

Climate change has reached universal status of urgency

Bogus climate scientists

Only the Sun causes Global Temperature Fluctuation

Earth’s Geological History Tells the Truth

Source(The Final Wakeup Call)

Published Oct 16, 2019

Man-made Global Warming is a Fantasy

Don’t be afraid; Global Warming, currently ‘Climate Change’ is not true. It’s dressed up as science but it’s not science, it’s propaganda: “Global temperatures are rising, greenhouses gas emissions are destroying our atmosphere;” say the fear-mongers “there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than ever before, the migration patterns of animals are changing”, and so the list goes on and on. We are simply being told lies. There is no direct evidence that links global warming with greenhouse gases. There is no scientific proof that ‘carbon dioxide’ (CO2) drives climate, it certainly hasn’t done in the past. The CO2 theory is, simply put, ingenious propaganda, pushing the idea of man-made climate change, to create a price-inflating energy policy. While the greenhouse theses have since long been refuted. Neither the ban on light bulbs, nor the gigantic subsidies for so-called renewable energy, has proven to be of any sensible value in changing this manufactured predicament. Instead of influencing climate change with taxes, governments should have dealt with the consequences of natural climate change. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1998 – Central Bank Old Tricks, Middle East Plan – October 18, 2019

Source YouTube: (X22 Report)

Published Oct 18, 2019

[CB] Up To Their Old Tricks, NP Exposed On The Economy – Episode 1998a

BJ and the EU have made a deal for the BREXIT, the deal seems as though it is a duplicate of Theresa Mays deal, this is why the EU agreed. Nigel Farage says this is not a BREXIT deal. McConnell wants to know why Pelosi has not voted on the USMCA. The reason because she is following a different agenda. Blue collar workers are now making more. Moody’s reports that whoever control the economy wins the election. IMF goofs and lets everyone know it was their policies that cause the economic problems.


The Panic Is Real, Middle East Plan Perfectly Executed, 17, Coincidence – Episode 1998b

The [DS] panic is real, NP and CS freaked out in a meeting with Trump, stormed out. Sidney Powell pushes for the 2 JM phones. The middle east plan perfectly executed, peace is coming. The number 17, coincidence. Rep Cummings passed away. Patriots are in control.


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(Video)X22 Report: Episode 1997 – Trump Controls the Economic Narrative, 17th Mentioned – October 17, 2019

Source YouTube: (X22 Report)

Published Oct 17, 2019

MSM Manipulates Economic Numbers, Trump Controls The Economic Narrative – Episode 1997a

The MSM is trying to make the people believe that the economy is weak because they are pushing a recession, they know that Trump controls the economic narrative and he has the magic wand. Trump is letting the people know that if he is not in office we will enter a depression. The Fed is prepared for another rate cut.


[DS] Plan Fails, Strange Messages Sent, 17th Mentioned – Episode 1997b

The [DS] impeachment plan has just failed. The secret meeting behind close doors are not working, and they do not have the votes, the fake investigation is going know where. Trump lets the public know that the FISA report is coming and it is bad,plus he wants to know where the server is that holds HRC emails.  The patriots are rejecting the fake subpoenas. The Syrian plan is moving forward, and the terrorist are being removed from the Kurd area. The [DS] is panicking and they are sending messages, JB flubs and says the number 17, NP wears green with a bullet bracelet with orange beads.


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