NATO Sends 50,000 Troops to Largest Exercise Since Cold War — October 23, 2018

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) — US Marines are landing in Iceland and warplanes are flying overhead in Scandinavia, just days ahead of the kickoff of Trident Juncture. The annual exercise, focused on the Arctic Circle and Scandinavia, is set to be the largest operation since the Cold War. 31 countries are involved, 29 NATO members and Finland and…..Read more

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The Deep State was Revealed — Did you Notice? – October 22, 2018


OCTOBER 21, 2018


If you go back and read over my blog posts you’ll notice I begin many of them with the words ‘if you’re paying attention…’ One must be very keen, extremely awake and incredibly discerning during this historic time in which we find ourselves.

Most importantly, one must learn what to pay attention to.

This week, if you were paying attention, you noticed that the deep state was revealed. And I don’t just mean hinted at or alluded to, I mean it was REVEALED, fully, in all its dark slithering unconstitutional unelected corrupt criminal subversiveness. Did you notice?

So, what did we learn this past week that was so different? I’m so glad you asked!

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Top Secret: Deep State War Crimes Cover-Up in Rwanda — Covert Geopolitics – October 23, 2018

The United States and its allies are experts at covering their crimes and finding scapegoats to take the blame for them. They are doing it now with their disinformation campaigns against Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Syria. The show trials at the UN’s Yugoslav tribunal, the ICTY, were all about covering-up NATO’s war…..Read more

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Ex USAF Colonel & Boeing Engineer Explains What Really Happened During Apollo 13 — Collective Evolution – October 22, 2018


  • The Facts:Colonel Ross Dedrickson, a high ranking military man who spent a long service with the Energy Commission between 1950-1958, claims that the problems with Apollo 13 were handled with care by extraterrestrials.
  • Reflect On:UFOs are no longer taboo and their existence has been verified via documents, photographs and videos released by dozens of governments. To complement this, we have witness testimony. The common theme is that many crafts are extraterrestrial.

Now that mainstream UFO disclosure has taken place and more information continues to be brought to light, more and more people are opening up to the idea that some of these UFOs, which are tracked on radar, photographed and videotaped, are extraterrestrial in origin. This belief comes as a result from multiple factors, one being credible…Read more & video: “Sirius exclusive interview Saucers Over DC Col Ross Dedrickson Testimony”

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1695: The Economy has Just Turned | World Peace? – October 21, 2018

Published on Oct 21, 2018

The US housing market has just turned, it is now a buyers market, we saw right before the great recession of 08-09. Fed Kaplan gives a time line of when the Fed will hit a neutral rate, which really means when we hit the moment the economy collapses. The most powerful family is Sweden is getting ready for the next economic crisis. Countries are now turning away from the central bankers SWIFT system and looking at Russia’s payment system. This is the transition, countries are already preparing.

Published on Oct 21, 2018

Former FBI says Rosenstein was not kidding when he wanted to record Trump. FBI admits using multiple spies in the Trump administration. Jude orders Mueller to prove that the companies were involved in election meddling. Khashogi a deep state operation to split the world and start a major event. Turkey ready to reveal all the evidence on Tuesday. Saudi’s give Trump room to avoid take action against Saudi Arabia. France and Germany are going to meet Russia to talk about peace in Syria. The deep state narrative is falling apart, world peace is starting to creep in and the deep state will do whatever it takes to stop it.

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Disclosure Triple Header | Steve Beckow – October 21, 2018

Disclosure Triple Header

October 21, 2018
By Steve Beckow

Two new videos and a trailer – new to me, anyways! – on Disclosure.

First, None of This Makes Sense, apparently from Gaia TV, on sightings of spacecraft near the lunar surface.

Second, The Video You’ve Been Waiting For, a historical exploration of UFO investigations and cover-ups.

And, third, a trailer, announcing the upcoming release (end of October) of Jordan Sather’s Above Majestic.

Jordan has done yeoman’s work tracking the draining of the swamp. Here he turns his attention to a persistent love of his, full disclosure.

Majestic 12 is the code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.

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