VIDEO: I’m So Over Coronavirus | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published July 28, 2021

The top lies of Coronavirus (mixed with tangential rants & Documentary & Show Series recommendation.) To support my channel(s) please go here

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Did they ever isolate the virus? The PCR tests are useless. Fauci is a stupid tool and so are the people who listen to him. Some ‘experts’ are maniacs. Black fungus on the test swabs. ANARCHY. EUGENICS.
2013 MERS Drosten re PCR:
Documentary: Monopoly, Follow the Money:


VIDEO: Globalist Science 1 – Journals, China & Cybernetics (ft. Robert Maxwell, JPL, Cybernetics, China) | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published July 20, 2021

7 minutes of original intro, then a rerun of a video I uploaded in July 2020 about the Post WW2 frenzy to gain control of science via control of journals.
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell was right at the heart of it in Occupied Germany, acting as the access point for all info in and out. I talk NASA, China, Cybernetics & how it ties into today. Original Video with references:


VIDEO: Pathological Weather – Brief History of Weather Witchery | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published July 17, 2021

I read excerpts from a 2006 document, outlining some of the developments in attempts to control the weather dating back to the late 19th century.


VIDEO: Tracking the Global Mafia Ep#1 – Ireland, Haiti & Weather Weapons | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published July 13, 2021 

I cover some recent Global Mafia dirty work in Ireland & Haiti, then show you a 1996 document “Owning the Weather by 2025.” Mindblowing!

Read more & video(32:00):

Did the Global Mafia Burn Down Lytton, BC? | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published July 10, 2021

 I discuss some curiosities surrounding a huge fire that destroyed 90% of a town called Lytton. Is the province being punished for lifting COVID restrictions?
***************Visit My Website here: THANK YOU for watching!********************* Did a famous philanthropist start the flames to cover up findings of widespread injection injuries? Was this a stunt meant to boost the Climate Change narrative? Was it arson, a train, HAARP or cell towers?


Video: Weather Control, Graphene in the Brain, Insect Ice Cream | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published June 21, 2021

Did he drop an intentional red pill? Probably not, but let’s sit outside and talk about it and other things like ice cream made from Entomilk (bugs). 🙂


Video: Are Leaders Being Threatened by the Global Public Health Mafia? | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published June 20, 2021

Politicians seem terrified. But why? I use Brian Pallister & Doug Ford as examples and show evidence of a bio-pharma-public health cartel.


Video: Magnetic Nanoparticles in the Injections, Masks and Swabs | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published June 17, 2021

I think it’s a possibility. Let me share some research into mind control, the magnetosphere, magnetite, magnetogenetics and how these things are being used.