VIDEO: Q&A – “AI” what is that? – Oct 5/2021 | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Streamed live October 5, 2021

There are a lot of misconceptions and scare tactics about what the term “AI” encompasses truly. This term is employed to qualified things which are sometimes completely irrelevant to each other. Due to ignorance and purposed misinformation, he word “AI” is often misused. We will go through all the points together, in order to draw the complete picture.


VIDEO: Sound & Spirit for Scotia- Sept 2021, Scotia’s Glen, Kerry, Ireland.

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Oct 1, 2021

Sound journey in the Slieve Mish mountains, with Elena Danaan and Carmel Diviney from

A discrete and enchanted glen, near the town of Tralee in West Kerry, Ireland, hides an unexpected treasure: the tomb of an Egyptian princess named Scotia. Her true name was Meritaten, first daughter of king Akhenaten. Conflicts and threats motivated the pharaoh’s eldest daughter to escape Egypt and seek for a foreign prince in marriage. She left on a Phoenician boat for the shores of Galicia, where she married Mil. Only a few years later, King Mil raised an expedition to conquer Ireland, accompanied of his spouse and sons.

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VIDEO: Alien implants explained- by Megan & Elena (sept 24/2021)

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Sep 24, 2021

Anything you wished to know about how alien implants work. We are also speaking about the dangers of trying to contact ETs by yourself, when you do not have any personal connection at the start. How does channelling work and why it can be very dangerous. What are the agendas of counter-intelligence groups and malevolent extra-terrestrials, and the diverse methods they use for manipulation and mind-control.


VIDEO: Visiting a Meton mothership | Elena Danaan – ET Contactee

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Sep 11, 2021

I was granted a gift today which I couldn’t wait to share with you… take my hand for a new adventure… into the future !