Message to the White Hats Military & President Donald J. Trump

First of all i want to thank you for the fantastic work you have done to liberate all the abused children in these undergrond tunnels/D.U.M.B.S.
God bless you soldiers, men and women.
According to Charlie Ward you have full control over the world since about one year back?
Also according to Charlie Ward all this evil as we can see now is a phantomine teater to wake huminaty up to see and to experience all the evil the elite have done & are doing to humanity? Otherwise the big mass will not understand the evil they have done and doing? It is also said that mass arrests are going on now around the world?
Many innocent brothers & sisters have died during this period of the Covid pandemic/plandemic, vaccines, lockdowns, masks and many restrictions.
500.000 have died of the so called covid vaccine only in USA?
I have a question, how do you wake up those who have died because of your game to wake huminaty up?
Have God told you to sacrifice innocent brothers and sisters to wake humanity up?

Economy: Many in the awaken/intel community, Charlie Ward and others are talking about the importance of to buy gold/silver to survive during this process into the new financial system/new world? How many of the humanity can afford to buy gold/silver? /TheLightHasWon

Open Letter to US Military from Donald Trump 17 on Telegram


We the People are asking you to assist us to take our country and sovereignty back from the corporation and FED banksters and corrupt politicians

We are FIRING every last one of them !!! They no longer represent us , therefore they are FIRED !!!!

We are done being slaves and paying taxes that our gov wastes our $$ and it’s not even backed by gold, which is fiat worthless paper by illegal and corrupt FED !!!

We want the 2020 election fixed , we know you all know JB the Pedo did NOT win.

We have the right to desolve the gov when all other measures have been exhausted. We have tried

January 6th protests
Multitudes of protests
Going to school board meeting
Town meetings
Attending the Trumps Rallies , the rightful winner !!Social Media Warriors
Voting < election machine rigged>It was ALL rigged
See the movie RIGGED and
Mike Lendels Proof

We have lost friends, family members
Thru covid, poisonous vaccines, and thru sharing the horrific truth of all hidden from us for decades, Kennedy assassination and 9/11 is just two of 100s of examples we could give

We are tired of wars and paying for wars we DO NOT want!!! We do NOT want to support any wars unless enemies attack us.

We want our country back and are demanding you act ASAP on our behalf, we want action, we want our sovereignty, we never agreed to be a mini corporation at birth and given all Capitol letters on our birth certificates !!!! We never agreed to be traded like cattle while others make $$ from us unknowingly

We refuse to be slaves to the deep state for one moment longer

We want NESARA implemented ASAP
We will put another much much much smaller government in place once these horrible, inept people are fired and prosecuted for there crimes against us and our CHILDREN

Patriots who agree please share

Military reading this please take this message from We the people to your commanding officers

Please respond to us using the EAS system

Patriots this needs to go viral on every platform

We the people have spoken
Military needs to act now on our behalf
Before we have no country left !!!!!



President Trump Asks For Your Help | The Marshall Report

The Marshall Report | By Dianne MarshallApril 30, 2022

President Trump is asking for anyone who has any January 6th video footage to please send it to him – Nancy Pelosi is holding all the film footage hostage….listen to Live From America video for this information and more. You can send any and all video footage to:

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