Moon of the Evening – December 3, 2017




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Moon of the Evening/TheLightHasWon

Summer images from Sweden – Sept 1, 2017

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Photographer Spent 6 Months In Siberia To Capture Portraits, And They’re Beyond Stunning – June 23, 2017

 June 22, 2017

Alexander Khimushin traveled through Siberia for one-and-a-half years to explore one of the world’s last frontiers of the unknown.

Photographer Alexander Khimushin

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Images – Flowers – Plants: Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Koldioxid(CO2) – May-June, 2017

“The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE against plants, forests and all life on our planet(videos) –




Hi All 🙂

Here are some selected photos of flowers and plants from the surroundings(just north of Stockholm, Sweden)in which I live, which depend on among other things the carbon dioxide(CO2).

Click to enlarge and enjoy the CO2 plants and flowers! /TheLightHasWon


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Bildresultat för copyright Copyright – TheLightHasWon

Chemtrails – UFO- Objects – Orbs – May 6, 2017

Hi All 🙂

When i zoomed in yesterday’s chemtrails photos( i found these ufo -object -orbs. Click and enlarge to view in full size. Unfortunately the resolution it´s not the best because I do not have a super camera nor a super computer. According to Steve Beckow in a channeled message from Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon he said that the Galactic Federation clean these toxic chemtrails since 2013. The UFOs – Objects – Orbs on the below photos are well proof of this?
In any case i would like to take the opportunity to thank Galactic Federation, space Brothers and space Sisters, I love you! 

Love, light and peace to all of you! TheLightHasWon









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