(Video) SGTreport: DEAD WITCHES + FOX NEWS CLOWNS – Sept 20, 2020

Source: SGTreport

Ginsberg is dead and Fox News CIA clowns don’t want you to know about her anti-human globalist agenda – nor do they want you to know about the puppet master pulling the Left’s strings, George Soros..

Video(13:28): https://youtu.be/VqeTnRnfV00

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(Video) X22Report Spotlight: Assets Deployed Before & After The Election,Go Back To Beginning To Understand The End:Dave Hayes – Sept 19, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 19, 2020

Dave Hayes discusses how the [DS] is preparing to use everything they have to create chaos before and after the election. Be prepared for a candidate change most likely happening in Oct. When the [DS] loses in Nov, they will deploy everything they have, everyone will need to be prepared and ready.

Video(54:34): https://youtu.be/DLyxwH4LhNA

(Video) “Upsetting Truth, Charlie Ward & Jesse Perez Casanova” – Sept 15, 2020

Source: Charles Ward

Premiered Sept 15, 2020

Video(1:23:26): https://youtu.be/jh3fkv3t_oA

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(Video) Charlie Freak and Charlie Ward Discuss The Current Situation – Sept 15, 2020

Source: Charlie Ward

Premiered Sept 15, 2020

Video(49:21): https://youtu.be/Wq15qMhWvJ0

Charlie Freak: https://www.youtube.com/user/1Canadianpeach

(Videos) Charlie Ward – Sept 13, 2020

Source: Charles Ward

Carley Ex NHS Nurse from Up North Tells Charlie Ward the Truth about What is Really Going on

Video(44:14): https://youtu.be/6FXpa-Ckiz8

BrownCryptoKid Answers Question about Blockchain and QFS

Video(1:02:09): https://youtu.be/G6JdKLz1eZM

(Videos) Charlie Ward – Sept 12, 2020

Source: Charles Ward

Sept 11, 2020

Dr Denise Tropea and Dr Janet Franco aka SoulfulRosie share their Experiences with Charlie Ward (1:04:43)


Brian Silvester (Parish Councillor near Crewe) No Deal Brexit -Truth about the Plandemic & CHARLIE (1:03:20)


Charlie Ward Has A beautiful Discussion with Wendy Smith (45:38)


Melissa Freedom Force Battalion THIS IS BIBLICAL with Charlie Ward (56:42)