(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2023 – Latest Tactic, the Harvest about to Begin – November 18, 2019

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Published Nov. 17, 2019

MSM/[CB] Panic, This Is Their Latest Tactic To Control The Economic Narrative – Episode 2023a

The stock market just hit twenty eight thousand points for the first time, the plan is working. Trump let’s the farmers know that more funds are heading their way. The MSM/CB are trying everything to control the economic narrative, it is failing, Trump lets the CB/MSM know that it is not working.


The Harvest Is About To Begin, Suicide Watch, Panic In DC – Episode 2023b

The patriots are in full control, this week more individuals are slated to testify and before they do the entire narrative is falling apart, they are exposed. The patriots are prepared to and getting ready to harvest. The IG report is ready, the clock is ticking down. Q drops more bread, lets us know that certain individuals might off themselves once the charges are produced. Panic in DC, Pain is coming.


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Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal – John Rubino – USAWatchdog.com – November 17, 2019

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By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and book author John Rubino says he can see the end of the economic expansion fueled by massive debt creation. Rubino explains, “Every sector of the U.S. economy is so over indebted I don’t see how we go on much longer. The Fed is desperately trying to prolong this thing. We are running trillion dollar deficits now, and what that is for is to keep the system from falling apart. We are 11 years into an expansion, a record. This is the longest bull market in history, and this is the longest economic expansion in history. . . . →

Read more & video: “John Rubino – All Hell Breaks Loose When Everything Falls Apart” (37:11) via USAWatchdog.com

Isolated Incident? Over 1,000 Cops Caught Illegally Accessing Police Database to Stalk Citizens — The Free Thought Project – November 16, 2019

(The Free Thought Project)  California — In what police accountability activists are claiming is not an isolated incident, more than 1,000 law enforcement officers accessed the California background check database for personal reasons. The Sacramento Bee (Sacbee) reported the criminal background searches have absolutely nothing to do with the work the police officers do. Instead, the searches are indicative of police officers committing crimes in some cases for friends and family. →

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PrayingMedic: Qanon November 15 – Follow the Family

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In this Qanon update, I speculate that elites know that the future they desire will never come to pass.

VideoQanon November 15, 2019 – Follow the Family

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2022 – Congress Economically Warned, Trump Meets with Barr – November 16, 2019

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Published Nov. 15, 2019

It’s All Happening, Congress Has Been Economically Warned – Episode 2022a

Trump let everyone know that the stock market has hit another all time high, this make it 21 times this year, it’s amazing what happens when you introduce the drug into the economy. Farmers have now regained access to China. China deal is very close. Pelosi will use the passing of the USMCA to help the impeachment fail. The Fed sends a warning to congress, or was it Trump that sent the warning.


Playbook Known,Trap Set, Trump Meets With Barr ,Wait For It – Episode 2022b

The [DS] fake impeachment just fell apart. The disgruntled employee was not a witness, she heard nothing, saw nothing and had no information. All of this was exposed to the people, she also made a case to investigate the HB and JB. Schiff was portrayed badly as he continually shut down the minority. The patriots knew all of this, this has been planned from the beginning and they have been leading them down this path, perfectly planned. Q confirms all of this and tells us to prepare for what is coming. Trump meets with Barr, it’s happening.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2021 – Economic Secret Weapon Unleashed, Distractions on Deck – November 15, 2019

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Published Nov 14, 2019

Trump Unleashed An Economic Secret Weapon To Boost The Economy – Episode 2021a

The [CB]/DS/MSM never thought that Trump would use the secret economic weapon that would boost the US economy, why because they would have never done it and they would have never thought of it, that’s why it worked. The economic plan is working perfectly.


Messages Are Being Projected By The [DS], Distractions On Deck, Incoming – Episode 2021b

The [DS] fake impeachment is now in free fall, they are scrambling for a backup plan. Distractions are on deck. As the [DS] pushes to get Trump there is a side effect to all of this, the truth is coming out and the evidence is now being produced and spread around the internet. Everything the [DS] is trying to do is going to backfire on them. The [DS] players are now sending messages, they know what is coming and they letting each other know.