Jordan Sather – How Did I Become Interested in QAnon and Pizzagate? [VIDEO] – June 20, 2018

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Chemtrails – June 8,2018, 2018

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White Hats & The Alliance: Why don´t you stop this spraying of chemtrails? I have appealed to you before to stop these crimes, what happens? Photos below from the northerna parts of Stockholm County(Sweden). The Swedish Government: This is high treason to allow this spraying of chemtrails. Swedish military we pay your wages through tax money to protect us. For once do something good for the Swedish people your brothers and sisters and stop this spraying. /TheLightHasWon


Chemtrails – Sweden – May 27, 2018

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These Chemtrails photos are from the northern parts of Stockholm County, Sweden

Message to the White Hats and the Alliance: It´s now time to arrest the Swedish Government for High Treason & Crimes against the Swedish people. Please help us to stop this Poisoning of Humanity and Mother Earth. /TheLightHasWon

May 27, 2018

May 26, 2018

May 25, 2018

May 24, 2018

May 20, 2018


Chemtrails – May 20, 2018

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Today (May 20, 2018) the Swedish criminal cabal ruled government with criminal cabal pilots have down the sky with chemtrails. It was a very beatiful morning with a blue sky no clouds, no chemtrails then it started again. White Hats and the Alliance why don´t you stop the cabal and this poisoning of Humanity and Mother Earth? This is High Treason. Location: Northern parts of Stockholm County, Sweden.  /TheLightHasWon

“What Most People Call “Chemtrails” Could Kill Tens of Thousands of People, Says Harvard Professor” Read more at: Collective Evolution






Chemtrails & UFOs? – May 19, 2018

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Chemtrails (Geoengineering) spraying continues. Unfortunate no one stops it. The Alliance-White Hats? Photos below are from the northern parts of Stockholm County, May 15, 2018. Since governments/government officials do not officially informs us about these chemtrail spraying it´s a Crime Against Mankind and Mother Earth. Chemtrails are toxic until proven otherwise. You can choose “Chemtrails” below “Categories” on my blog if you want more information & watch more photos about chemtrails.  /TheLightHasWon










The Galactic Federation of Light: GESARA, Lightworkers, False Flags — May 18, 2018

Beautiful being that walk the earth. We are benevolent beings of love and light called the Galactic Federation. We as you know are speaking to you with pure intentionto shed light on issues and send our love so you might align with wisdom and peace. There is much turmoil in the world and with the…Read more

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Pleiadian Collective: The Light Has Won — April 30, 2018

Dear friends, good evening to you again. We are the Pleiadian Collective here to discuss the topic of honor. For so many of you and yours have displayed such valor and courage of late, that we would be remiss to not mention. The “White Hats” have been tried and remained true. The Alliance is strong,…Read more

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