Era of Politicians is over – The Final Wakeup Call – September 11, 2019

BREXIT is going to happen, no matter what

The public has become disillusioned

(The Final Wakeup Call)

Politically, truth is outright claptrap as Brexit is torpedoed


(The Final Wakeup Call) Politicians are commonly bribed by the Deep State, forcing them to dance to their music for fear of public exposure for anything from financial fraud to paedophilia. Be assured they don’t represent the interest of the people as they should do. Look at Brexit for example, how Theresa May for three straight years has obstructed Britain’s exit from the EU. She constantly said one thing, while doing the other. When she said we will follow the will of the people, we now know that she always meant the opposite. Theresa was working for the EU-cabal and not for the people. She clearly misjudged the mood of the British people. She didn’t care what the people were saying. She went stubbornly aheadwith the EU-plan as was instructed in Brussels. Because the Rothschild central bank ECB wants to hold onto their power at all costs. They have have assembled every bribery trick and blackmail trap available to let the Parliamentarians put the country into a state of chaos and panic. In the interim, the public opinion has turned against the politicians, despite the propaganda made by the Deep State owned mainstream media. In preparation for Brexit the Monarchy and the top of the British Army are aligned to Sovereignty, which has made a No Deal Brexit on the 31st of October next a done deal. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Trials Begin Shortly, All Will Be Exposed, Conspiracy No More – Episode 1928 —July 29, 2019


Trump is now building the new economic landscape for the US, he is changing the way the US does trade. France tried to place a tax on US tech companies and Trump warned France that he would counter with tariffs. The [CB] has now just tipped off what will happen next. They are now holding on their gold.

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(Video)Robert David Steele’s Latest Bestest Interview — Epstein Case, Extortion, the Cabal, and Dark Realities Exposed! – July 26, 2019

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By Portfolio Wealth Global
Published on Jul 25, 2019

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(Video) X22 Report: Raids, Timeline & The Message Of Treason – Episode 1924 — July 23, 2019


Boris Johnson is now the PM of the UK, the EU has already stated that they will not change their agreement. Boris will have no other choice but to leave with a no-deal BREXIT, if he cannot do this he will have to resign. The IMF has said that global growth has been slowing, but the US is doing well because the Fed is about to cut rates. Trump is now preparing the US for the transition, he is getting ready to remove more people off of food stamps. The economic landscape is changing.

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Project Veritas informs congressional leaders about Google’s manipulating of elections — – June 29, 2019

(Natural News) After an earth-shattering week of revelations from Project Veritas showing Google’s plans to manipulate the U.S. presidential election against Donald Trump in 2020, the whistle-blowing organization is making sure that Congress is aware of their findings.

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Mueller Indicted! – Charged with Witness Tampering, Obstruction of Justice, Attempting to Suborn Perjury and Treason – Freedom Watch USA – June 29, 2019

(Freedom Watch USA)

(June 27, 2019). Today, Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and the founder of Freedom Watch ( announced the criminal indictment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller by a citizens grand jury for the alleged crimes of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, attempting to suborn perjury and other illegalities. A copy of the indictment, jury instructions, verdict form and related documents are embedded below and can also be found on Freedom Watch’s website along with a video of the grand jury proceedings. Filming the proceedings as well as offering testimony about Mueller’s illegal grand jury leaks was Jason Goodman, CEO of Crowdsource the truth. The video of the proceedings can also be found at the links below:

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DECLAS: Social Media Nukes An Entire Generation… But Why? [Free Ebook!] – DIVINE COSMOS – June 25, 2019

DECLAS: Social Media Nukes An Entire Generation… But Why? [Free Ebook!]

by David Wilcock | Jun 25, 2019 | David’s Blog

“Finally, after a year and a half of buildup, the team behind Q Anon appears to be on the verge of unsealing thousands of indictments and declassifying a wealth of contentious information.

Our latest briefings indicate that there is a “hard deadline” of mid-September 2019 for what they are calling DECLAS. By then, a huge wealth of world-changing intel should have been released.

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