Sham Impeachment Dud, Dem Election Panic, Economic Warning Signs — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – January 24, 2020

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 416 1.24.2020) 

Why the Dems thought the sham impeachment was going to do better in the GOP controlled Senate, I’ll never know. It was a disaster in the House where Democrats had total unfair control, and it is an even bigger disaster in the Senate where Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are running the show. The House case on President Trump is so weak and fraudulent that it is doubtful even the staunchest Trump hating RINOs will vote in favor of removal. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2078 — The Patriot Economic Plan Accelerates, FISA Court Declares Warrants Invalid – January 24, 2020

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Report date:01.23.2020

BREXIT Is A Go, The Patriot Economic Plan Accelerates – Episode 2078a

The BREXIT has now crossed the finish line, it has been 1309 days since the BREXIT vote and BJ finally did it. The economic system is starting to take shape, Trump and the patriots are ready to make a trade deal, this will change everything. The EU is stuck, they can’t raise rates and they cannot stop stimulus, it seems that Trump is backing the [CB] establishment into a corner.


Drip, Drip, Pain, Then The Flood, FISA Court Declares Warrants Invalid – Episode 2078b

The [DS] is continuing with the fake impeachment, the people are bored, there is no evidence, no facts, there is nothing, this is not going to end well for them. The patriots have set them up and they are ready to spring the trap on them, wait for it because it is coming. Q dropped more bread, the drip of information is to inflict pain and to educate the people on what is really going on, the flood is coming and those corrupt individuals will be swept away when it hits.


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Sabotage Attacks on Natural News — – January 23, 2020

(  SOLVED! Natural News subjected to industry sabotage by vaccine deep state working in conjunction with corrupt, secret California court – incredible story Culprits identified. Site functionality compromised but recovery under way… We are very close to live status again… check back for updates.


Secret Court Issuing Website “Takedown” Orders in America, Targeting “Vaccine Truth” Sites (Jan. 23)

Vaccine DEEP STATE Behind the Recent Sabotage Attacks on Natural News (Jan. 23)

Weaponized coronavirus invades the USA as world panics over possible pandemic (Jan. 22)


Natural News under attack as weaponized coronavirus unleashed against humanity (Jan. 22)

Humanity is under extreme attack. Beyond the censorship, a bioengineered weapon system known as “coronavirus” has been unleashed against humanity.

Stay informed. Check for video updates and news analysis.

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 3077 — Next Economic Move, Trump Ready to Reveal Secrets – January 23, 2020

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Report date: 01.22.2020

Trump Points Finger At Fed, Ready For The Next Economic Move – Episode 2077a

Trump pushes the patriot economic agenda forward, the EU is next, China phase 2 trade deal in the works, the UK is ready to make a deal with the US and pivot away from the EU. China is blaming their economic slowdown on the coronavirus, what will the [CB] blame the slowdown on once the US has made new trade deals with all of these countries. Trump points the finger once again at the Fed, they are at the root of the problem with regards to the economy.


Trump Ready To Reveal Hidden Secrets, [DS] Walked Right Into It, There Is No Step 5 – Episode 2077b

The [DS]/D’s are now trapped, they do not have a strategy past step 5, they walked right into the trap the patriot set for them. They have no evidence or facts and most what they are explaining to the public is the procedures, text and email that show no crime. The crime is with the [DS]/D’s. [AS] was once again caught in a lie. Trump was about to mention something at Davos, then he stopped himself, the hidden secrets are about to be revealed.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2076 — Globalism is Dead, Deep State Attempting to Block the Truth – January 22, 2020

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Report date: 01.21.2020

Globalism Is Dead, Nationalism Is The Way Forward, [CB]s Pivots With A New Plan – Episode 2076a

The fear mongering has begun, if the BREXIT is not done the way the EU wants, millions of jobs come under threat. This is just he beginning, as BJ gets closer to make a deal with the US, the [CB] will push the fear. Trump lets the [CB]/Globalists establishment that they are finished.  The doom and gloom days are over, there is a new economy coming into focus.


[DS] Attempting To Block The Truth, The Truth Will Be Their Downfall – Episode 2076b

The doom and gloom days are over, there is a new economy coming into focus. The [DS] begin their push in the Senate Trial, they are begging for document, they are showing sound bites trying to make their point, this will all fail, because the sound bites are just that sound bites and when the full clip is shown it will destroy their narrative. This entire Senate Trial is now about convicting Trump, it’s to keep the new cycle busy and to prevent the truth from coming out, it’s to prevent the public from learning the truth and their prosecution, judgement day is coming.


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(Video) Swebbtv Nyheter 17 januari 2020 om nyval, Löfven, vänsternationalism, omhändertagande av barn mm


Hej och välkomna till veckans Swebbtv Nyheter. Efter den stora explosionen på Östermalm i måndags kräver Moderatledaren nyval. Postnord och problemen med ett ökat antal klagomål med posthanteringen. Ett nytt Nationellt arbetarparti med namnet Framåt Sverige håller på att bildas. Partiet är mot mångkultur och anser att Sverige bör lämna EU. De menar att den nationella frågan är den viktigaste frågan. →

Läs mera & video via YouTube SwebbTV


(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2075 — Global Economy will Accelerate, Nobody Gets a Free Pass – January 21, 2020

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Report date:01.20.2020

IMF Panics & Makes A Prediction, US Will Decline, Global Economy Will Accelerate – Episode 2075a

BJ backs plans to pursue the trade deal with the US. BJ will be using the negotiations as leverage with the EU. USMCA will add 300 billions to US exports. IMF is in a panic, global economy will accelerate and the US will decline.


Nobody Gets A Free Pass, A Week To Remember – Episode 2075b

The [DS] have been pushing their message on the MSM, trying to control the narrative. The people are awake and the great awakening is coming. The patriots are in full control, nobody gets a free pass, nobody, patriots have it all. Shall we play a game.


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