Is This 9/11 Critical? | Steve Beckow

The faces of 9/11

September 9, 2022 by Steve Beckow | Golden Age of Gaia

The time between now and 9/11 is shaping up to be critical.

The Queen’s death has been announced, which I understand is a marker for the ending of many dark connections and contracts.

The leadership of NATO is rumored to have been fired. Mass arrests are alleged to have begun in earnest.  The Supreme Court is said to have declared the 2020 election invalid using shadow documents. (1)

Enter the memorial day for the victims of 9/11, the very day on which a global abundance plan (NESARA) was to be announced in Sept. 2001.  The day on which many thousands died at the hands of their own government.

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VIDEO: Mel K & Canadian Patriot Author Matt Ehret On NATO & The Great Reset 7-25-22

The Mel K Show – Published July 25, 2022

Mel welcomes Canadian Patriot and Author Matt Ehret for a deep dive into hidden history and geopolitical moves and countermoves.

To learn more about Matt and his work: ​

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Ukraine Is Not A Victim, It is Part of NWO Agenda | Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change | By Edward Morgan – July 15, 2022

by Chuck Baldwin,

As a political analyst and more importantly as a spiritually-minded student of the Scriptures, I am absolutely convinced of this: When the major establishments all pounce on one subject, collectively decide who is a victim and who is a villain and beat the same drum day over and over in total unison, the narrative that is being presented is one hundred percent upside down.

And right now the power establishments have decided to bewitch us with an anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine agenda. But as with all establishment propaganda, the narrative is a big, fat lie.

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Mysterious Vax Deaths?, Gun Control Diversion & Food Crisis

By Greg Hunter’s

(WNW 531 5.27.22)

Every week we are seeing what the legacy/mainstream media describe as “mysterious deaths” or “died suddenly.”  There is no other explanation ever given.  The latest is actor Ray Liotta who “suddenly” dies in his sleep.  As a reporter, the question is a simple why?  What is the cause of death?  Sometimes you get the family wanting “privacy.”  It’s almost a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” where the victims protect their abusers.  In this case, is it the vax makers?  Does it have something to do with the global experiment of so-called CV19 vaccines?   Does simply asking the question mean you are an “anti-vaxer” or a “conspiracy theorist”?

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Per Shapiro: Den kuppartade anslutningen till NATO – Folkets Radio | – 27 Maj, 2022

NATO. “Vad är egentligen NATO? Är det primärt en försvarsallians eller är det snarare den ekonomiska elitens maktinstrument?

Fredsaktivisten Lars Drake har kartlagt det nätverk av natonära tankesmedjor och statliga organisationer som ägnar sig åt smutskastning av svenska riksdagsmän, fredsvänner och journalister.

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Är NATO fortfarande en terrorrörelse? Protest mot medlemskap 28 maj kl 14.00 i Fatbursparken Stockholm | – 27 Maj, 2022

NATOSVERIGE. Den 15 maj beslutade Regeringen om NATO-medlemskap, utan att ge svenska folket en möjlighet att påverka beslutet genom en folkomröstning. “Detta är oacceptabelt, då denna fråga är något som likt EU- och EURO-medlemskap kan komma att förändra Sverige i generationer”, säger Max Winter, som är en av initiativtagarna.

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Fortsatt bråk mellan Nato-länder: Erdogan säger upp kontakten med Greklands premiärminister | SwebbTV Nyheter

Turkiets president Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
Greklands premiärminister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

SwebbTV Nyheter – 26 Maj, 2022

Turkiets president Recep Tayyip Erdogan klargör nu att han aldrig tänker prata med Greklands premiärminister Kyriakos Mitsotakis igen. Detta efter att den senare försökt blockera amerikansk försäljning av F16-plan till Turkiet, uppger SR Ekot.

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Puppets at Davos Are Losing Their War… | The Marshall Report

The Marshall Report | By Dianne MarshallMay 24, 2022

They have lost their fat fingered grip on the entire ball of wax and all of it is melting in front of their bulging NAZI eyes!

From watching their NATO weapon reserves go up in smoke, courtesy of Russia as an early “WELCOME TO DAVOS” gesture and a “while you are gathered it’s time to surrender”, sort of reminder… I wondered if they remembered Putin’s warning of the wrath to come? It’s always good to remind the cornered snakes that we too have powerful stings in our tails that strike with precision.

Even Kissinger came up from the grave, or GITMO, or some place to give his advice to the Kazarian Mafia. A DAVOS meeting wouldn’t be the same without him, now would it?

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Has Russia Already Won? Is it “Game Over” for the Rockefeller Empire? | Health Impact News

Comments by Brian Shilhavy – May 20, 2022
Editor, Health Impact News

Sam Parker, writing for Behind the News Network, has just published the second part of a two-part article titled “Russia/Putin & the West” which is, by far, the best analysis on the current Ukraine conflict and world events I have read so far, as he puts it into historical context, and obviously draws upon intelligence sources that completely contradict what comes out of the western corporate media.

This site only does a few articles a year, but they are thoroughly researched and I published one last year on the Global Food cartels, and you will not find anything as comprehensive as this series on just who controls the world’s food supplies. See:

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