Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of November 25, 2022 | Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure – Friday, 25 November 2022

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Fri. 25 Nov. 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Martial Law, EBS, QFS Set to Activate
Trust the Plan

The Silence Has Broken
We Are Entering the Final Stage
Are You Ready?
Leaked Q Files, Restricted data, documents, videos, images and files that will change American history
…Donald J. Trump Live on Telegram Thurs. 24 Nov. 2022

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Sorting Out Climate Change | Steve Beckow

August 29, 2022 by Steve Beckow | Golden Age of Gaia

Yes, climate change is happening….

Just a note on climate change and what our leadership asks of us.

It isn’t that humanity has not had a baneful effect on the environment. We have and we have to stop and clean up our mess.

But, at the same time, the New World Order/World Economic Forum are spinning that situation so as to present it as a crisis, which they then offer themselves as the solution to, and we lose more of our civil rights.

Moreover, they move from one issue to another – viruses, vaccines, China, Russia, Ukraine, climate change – keeping us off guard and divided against one another. No one points at the power behind the screen manipulating us.

Because the cabal knows this is the end game, they seem to be throwing everything they have behind their drive for world power. That includes weather manipulation, economic depression, and planned starvation.

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VIDEO LIVE: Exposing CPS & Satanic Ritual Abuse: ‘These Little Ones’ CENSORED & BANNED by Big Tech | Stew Peters Network

Stew Peters Network – Published August 2, 2022

He joins to talk about the Pharmaceuticals administered to foster children, and how these drugs are EXTREMELY dangerous to children!

Diego Rodriguez is the grandfather of baby Cyrus who was kidnapped by CPS in an effort to traffic & sell him into the foster system. Because of all of your hard work, Cyrus was reunited with his family!

Diego joins to talk about baby Cyrus, as well as the release of These Little Ones!

Greg Phillips joins to shine a light on the election fraud that STOLE President Trump’s rightful seat in the Oval Office, and to take action on the illegal activity that occurred in the ballot booths across ALL 50 states.

Brandi Brassel from Warrior Bride Ministries is BACK on the show to talk in depth about the Satanic Ritual Abuse that thousands of children undergo each year, and how children are forced into trafficking other children for sacrifices.

Watch this new show NOW at StewPeters.com!

Video(58:53): https://rumble.com/v1ejvd7-live-exposing-cps-and-satanic-ritual-abuse-these-little-ones-censored-and-b.html

VIDEO LIVE: Transhumanists Launch Artificial Baby Wombs, Vaxx Killed Colin Powell, Dr. Zelenko Dead at 48 | Stew Peters Network

Stew Peters Network – Published July 1, 2022

Friday, July 1st, The Stew Peters Show kicks off Independence Day weekend with some AMAZING interviews!

Dr. Zelenko was nothing less than a hero to the people! His dedication to saving the lives of the innocent will NEVER be forgotten.

Read more & video(58:40): https://rumble.com/v1ar4px-live-transhumanists-launch-artificial-baby-wombs-vaxx-killed-colin-powell-d.html

US Aid To Ukraine Looks Like Money Laundering Scheme | GreatGameIndia

A congresswoman has claimed that US aid to Ukraine looks like a money laundering scheme and instead should be used to address domestic concerns such as homelessness and human trafficking.

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VIDEO LIVE: Australian Fauci’s Vaxxed Daughter DEAD, 7 Homeschooled Children STOLEN, China US Land Grab | Stew Peters Network

By Stew Peters Network – Published May 19, 2022

Thrusday on The Stew Peters Show,

America is at war with the Globalist regime, & this new episode of The Stew Peters Show prepares you with the knowledge to fight for your rights!

Terry and Mark Stemann are loving parents who would do anything to keep their children safe. After a single FALSE allegation of child abuse, all SEVEN of their children were stripped from their arms.

Read more & video(58:42): https://rumble.com/v15co0d-live-australian-faucis-vaxxed-daughter-dead-7-homeschooled-children-stolen-.html


May 9, 2022. Video(27:09): https://www.bitchute.com/video/uR89pisBDWXK/

WARNING: Some sections of this video contain shocking images & information.

Putin: Pedophiles and Traffickers Hiding in Azovstal | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – May 6, 2022

If one believes the mainstream media, the final stand for the Ukrainian city of Mariupol began this week as Russian forces entered the massive Azovstal steel plant where, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been hiding for weeks.

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