By Dr Charlie Ward | First published at 21:06 UTC on November 23rd, 2020.

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[Video] Cirsten W -Mel K – George Webb – Charlie Ward (Round Table Conversation)

By THE GESARA CLUB – November 8, 2020

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Targeting child trafficking: 388 arrested across Europe | Europol Newsroom

Europol Newsrom – November 4, 2020

More than 60 minors were identified as potential victims of human trafficking during joint action days

Europol, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom coordinated a Europe-wide joint action day targeting child trafficking. The operation, also supported by Frontex, took place between 5 and 11 October 2020 and involved 12* countries. 

A wide range of law enforcement authorities including police, immigration and border control agencies, transport police, social assistance and child protection services and labour inspectorates participated in the joint action.

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US Marshals Find 45 Missing Children In Massive Human Trafficking Sting | Activist Post

Activist Post | By Mark Horowitz – October 27, 2020

A massive law enforcement operation in Ohio called Operation Autumn Hope has resulted in the arrest of 179 people under suspicion of human trafficking, and the rescue of 109 victims, 45 of whom were missing children. Some victims were as young as 14 or 15 years old. The victims were referred to social services, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

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MKUltra Survivor Cathy O’Brien: Protect Our Children From The Pedophile Agenda | HAF

Mkultra Survivor Cathy O’brien Protect Our Children From The Pedophile Agenda

HAF – October 26, 2020

by Cathy O’Brien, victim of MKUltra and child sex trafficking at the highest levels of the government.

WARNING: Disturbing Content

Read more: https://humansarefree.com/2020/10/mkultra-survivor-cathy-obrien-protect-our-children-from-the-pedophile-agenda.html

20/20, Oct. 23, 2020 | Golden Age of Gaia

October 23, 2020 by Steve Beckow

Very much needed example being set….

Utah Gubernatorial Candidates Call for Unity in Ad

That doesn’t mean we won’t report evidence of corruption and other forms of crime.

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Source: Sarah Westall – Business Game Changers – Oct 22, 2020

Jessie [C]zebotar returns to the program to explain how loyalty to the [I]lluminati [L]uciferian System is created and maintained. She helps me and listeners understand why someone would even participate and stay within the system. After all, why in the world would anyone be willing to partake in this organization? You will learn this is not a choice and how they make sure it stays that way.

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Web-enabled sexual exploitation gang taken down by French Police | Europol Newsroom

Europol Newsroom – Oct 20, 2020

The network was abusing women from Latin America in a rental apartment prostitution scheme

The French Judicial Police within the National Police (Police judiciaire / Police nationale) and the Colombian Police (Policía Nacional), supported by Europol, dismantled an organised criminal group involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation and money laundering.

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Anonymous Message On The Worldwide Fight Against Child Trafficking | Activist Post

Activist Post – Oct 13, 2020 | By Anonymous

Greetings citizens of the world. This is a message from anonymous, regarding the fight against child trafficking worldwide.

In the past few years, the issue of child trafficking has finally started to receive the attention that it deserves, but unfortunately, this problem has also been politicized in a way that makes this issue seem more abstract and far away than it actually is. In many online circles, this discussion has devolved into a guessing game about which celebrity might be an abuser behind closed doors, with speculation being shared as if it is fact.

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(Video) SGTreport: SILENT CRY, GLOBAL HORROR — Josh Peck

By SGTreport – Oct 8, 2020

Author and filmmaker Josh Peck joins me to discuss his powerful and important new documentary ‘Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking’.

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