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January 2, 2021

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[Videos] U.S. Presidential Election 2020 | (Michigan Voter Fraud Hearings)

GateWay Pundit(YouTube) – December 4, 2020

“It Was a Political Persecution of the Highest Order” -Gen Flynn Joins Lou Dobbs in 1st TV Interview


Jenna Ellis Makes Her Statement At Michigan Voter Fraud Hearing


Rudy Giuliani Answers Questions from State Legislature At Michigan Voter Fraud Hearing


GOP Witness and Immigrant SHOCKED at Corruption and Fraud At TCF


GOP Witness Goes Off at Michigan Hearing


COVID & the Great Reset – Connecting the Dots | The Truth About Cancer

Covid-19 and the Great Reset

By Ty Bollinger – November 23, 2020

The year 2020 has been one of the craziest, strangest, and most bizarre years in recent history, with the virus frenzy, lockdowns, quarantines, forced face diapers, election fraud, “warp speed” vaccines, and murmurings of a “Great Reset.”

Are all these topics and events related?  

Are they part of a bigger plan? 

And what exactly is the Great Reset?  

Great questions!  We’re going to try to “connect the dots” in this article, so put on your seatbelts and get ready to learn.

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Så enkelt kan en röstmaskin hackas | So easily can a voting machine be hacked[Videos] — Nya Dagbladet

Röstmaskinerna kan manipuleras av hackare. | Foto: Christopher Schirner/CC BY-SA 2.0

Nya Dagbladet – 20 November, 2020

Digitala röstmaskiner har använts i många amerikanska delstater under valet. Detta trots att de har stora säkerhetsbrister och flera experter har kunnat demonstrera hur enkelt de kan hackas och manipuleras.

Läs mer & Videor/Videos(English): Så enkelt kan en röstmaskin hackas — Nya Dagbladet

Science Uprising: Take Off the Mask | Health Impact News

Health Impact News – November 2, 2020

by David Klinghoffer
Evolution News and Science Today

In our culture, the old have failed the young. Hate-driven shootings in schools and houses of worship, rising suicide and addiction rates — these are the most dramatic indications. But a quieter sense of numbness and despair, concealed in mindless social media and the omnipresent screens, is far more widespread.

What Lies Behind It All?

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[Videos] & Alternative News

Fall of the [C]abal Documentary, the [C]abal, [Deep]State, [Q]Anon, Pizza[Gate], by Janet 0ssebaard:

Dr. [C]harlie [W]ard:

Last weekend a [W]histleblower from South Africa gave [W]ard 1,500 pages of explosive already litigated evidence on the theft of $Trillions of dollars and gold by the [R]oyals, [O]bama, [C]lintons and [B]idens. The White House also had that same Intel, with all set to be released this week:

[R]ice Crypto Clears the Air [C]harlie [W]ard:

[]Giuliani Turns Over [H]unter [B]iden Laptop to Police After Finding Sensitive Text with [J]oe [B]iden:

[B]iden and [K]azakhstan Dealings:

[O]bama, [B]iden, [C]linton, [P]elosi, [S]oros Tied to Failed Electrical [G]rid Attack?

Justice Dept. Files Lawsuit Against G00gle: Internet censorship of the Big Tech companies continues to run rampant with just two weeks left until the Presidential Election. With Twi_tter and Face_book currently in the hot-seat, the Department of Justice has summoned G00gle as the next company to answer for their unethical business practices. The Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that G00gle has been abusing its online dominance in online search to stifle competition and harm consumers.

A Documentary About [C19], By Janet 0ssebaard:

[W]ard and Dr. [Y]oung on the [C19] [S]cam:

Credit: Judy Byington

Crop Circle Messages and Secrets Decoded | HAF

Crop Cirles

HAF – Oct 12, 2020 | By Lisa Trank,

Crop circles. We’ve seen them in the air from planes, in the movies, or perhaps even first hand.

Many consider crop circles to have been created by extraterrestrials who yearn to subtly communicate with our species; others view them as an agricultural and technologically artistic phenomenon and believe the alien connection may be a hoax.

But no matter which crop they’re carved from, these intricate geometric patterns hold messages waiting to be decoded.

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