Lauren Southern djuplodar massmigrationen – Trailer — – 16 December, 2018

“An interview with a human trafficker, a perilous journey along Turkey’s beaches with a group of refugees, camping out with migrants in Paris to understand the true nature of the European border crisis, and even a stint in the forests on Europe’s Bulgarian border, Lauren and crew have travelled the breadth of the European border…Trailer

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Frisläppta dokument bekräftar CIA:s illegala psykiska experiment — – 11 December, 2018

The Sun skriver om ytterligare MK Ultra-dokument som frisläppts genom “Freedom of Information Act” i USA, motsvarigheten till den svenska offentlighetsprincipen via forumet Black Vault. De visar att CIA under 50- och 60-talet genomförde horribla experiment på både djur och människor. Experimenten bestod i att försöksoffren utsattes för inopererade mikrochips i hjärnan i kombination med…Läs mera & Trailer: “Wormwood | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” 

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Armada of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Ships Spotted Leaving our Sun – October 28, 2018


Date: Sunday, 28-Oct-2018 22:09:40

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In Response To‘The Event is Underway’ – Breaking News via Philip Tilton 10-28-18 (Mr.Ed)


We have seen plenty of evidence of UFOs entering and leaving the sun portal for decades. One of these videos is about 4 years old to show you. The rest are current and explain why last month they closed all 6 solar observatories on earth…and it may be connected to the loss of NASA satellites at about the same time.

They do not want you to see the videos below. Some were removed and others have reposted them. 🙂

Clearly the earth grid/veil has been removed. This means it is safe now for the good guys to come in and help us. The Chimera Group Dark ETs are responsible for the placement of the barrier and it was ‘a earth booby trap’ (Toplet & Stranglet bombs) set to blow up the earth if the good guys tried to come here. Only the dark ones have been coming here and they are the ones our military & government made dirty deals with and sold out humanity long ago. 

They agreed to trade off world technology (to gain a military advantage over other nations) in exchange for allowing them to abduct humans for genetic experiments.

This is where the Secret Space Program (SSP) began. 

Now we have POTUS creating a new branch of the military to provide a place for it because it can no longer be kept a secret…nothing can. Disclosure is here and it means we need to know about all of it. And the future has a place for us in space so the SSP will be a secret no more. It will be no different than it is right now at your local airport…only now you will go a lot farther & faster. We don’t need rockets to go to space. Which explains why they could do away with the space shuttle program. 

So you may ask? How will we get to the (ISS) International Space Station if we have no rockets or space shuttle? 

Well…we will catch a ride with the Russians. You know…the guys we hate so much and fear of nuclear war all our life. (lies) 

None of it makes sense.

Well it got out of control and the dark ETs were only allowed to take a certain number of humans in exchange…but they were taking as many as they could get for years.

They got into a big shoot out at an underground base out west (DUMB) deep military underground base 

I think it was Dulce. Many military were killed but they could not say anything about it. (see Phil Schneider YouTube for more on that story)

This is why they can never come out and admit the truth about disclosure. Our government treats us like cattle…a tradeable commodity.

More will come out on this topic soon and I will report it as we go. For now check out there short videos so you see what they are trying to hide from us.

Mr.Ed 🙂





Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 27, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – October 27, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The Mexican government is now revealing plans to keep the migrants from reaching the U.S. border.

The ISIS/MS-13 embedded in the caravan are now being singled out and captured through special forces operations.

The slow systematic collapse the market is occurring in real time.

Greed, one of humanity’s scourges is being eliminated.

The entire economical system as we know it is being changed before our very eyes.

The worldwide private redemption event (RV) will allow Zimbabwe to completely eliminate global poverty through the redemption of Bond Notes.

The total collapse of the stock market is an indicator toward the transition to GESARA.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate the concept of money through means of overwhelming wealth and prosperity.

This world changing transition can only be made possible via the use of the new QFS.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 25, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – October 25, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The migrant caravan heading toward the U.S. to cross the border is a last ditch Cabal attempt to destabilize the country.

The heat is being turned up on the Federal Reserve all in timely order before the collapse.

The chaos during the collapse will be minimal as there is already a new quantum financial system in place.

GESARA is set to be announced during the collapse to peacefully transition to a new quantum financial system.

All Cabal criminals will be arrested and transported to GITMO during the collapse.

Military tribunals will follow once the transition is complete and the dust has settled.

The RV will begin at the time of the collapse.

All currency holders worldwide will be given official private invitations to redeem their currencies.

Holders of Zimbabwe Bond Notes will become essential in providing humanitarian aid worldwide during the collapse.

SourceOperation Disclosure

Q – We Are The Plan – October 18, 2018

Published October 17, 2018


This is not fantasy. They just made us think it is. ALERT! Everything is a lie. We were about to go down the toilet and then were miraculously saved – all while we were focused on everything but what is the most transformative event in living history. View on BitChute:… Please help transcribe languages here:… Now that we know the truth, we have to help them get to the outcome quicker. We must not be asleep anymore, the more that wake up the quicker and easier we will get to the world prepared for us by these great soldiers of freedom. RISE! Be The Plan! Know your ENEMY, because it is most definitely not WE THE PEOPLE! Where we go one, we go all. Not affiliated with Trump, Q or any intel source other than what is publicly available here: Also, I am NOT JFK Jnr. Not even close. Just an average Joe. Disclaimer: I am not making accusations of guilt towards anyone featured in this video. That is Huber’s job, and if they have done crimes, they will be exposed – if not, they won’t. Many people have asked permission to share. Listen up: SHARE IT. I don’t care if you credit it or not. Download it locally, mirror it, put it up on your own channel, whatever you want. It’s not like I filmed all that footage. Others have asked to donate. NO. We work only for freedom. There are people taking bullets for the republic, the least we can do is scramble whatever talents we have to ensure their sacrifices are not in vain. The good people of America, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, White or of color, young and old, are witnessing the take-back of America from a large number of very powerful criminals who have been destroying society and the world for several decades, maybe longer. This is the greatest story of our time. You have the choice of either scratching your head in confusion when seeing events unfold, or looking at the information provided by Q to understand the real story. These are people I trust to bring you the right information. Look on Twitter for: @Jordan_Sather_ @prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @CabalPunisher @tracybeanz @SGTreport @LionelMedia @IntheMatrixxx @_ImperatorRex_ @StormIsUponUs (me) There are many others you can find too. Don’t be a sheep. They want you divided. They have been working to divide us forever. It’s time to wake up and experience true freedom instead of the fake kind we have been living under. Fellow Americans, and citizens of the world. Now its OUR turn to shine. Wherever we are, we will become the PLAN when we choose to reject what they called GLOBALISM. We recognize the words they used to bend us to their will, and we say no more. It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE THE PLAN! May God bless America, and the world.

Credit: Galactic Connection


Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 4, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Trump’s presidential alert test was far more than meets the eye.

It was a public display by the Alliance and a way of discretely informing the public of the what’s to come.

The sting operation involving the RV is over.

The timing of the RV is no longer a security concern.

The SCOTUS confirmation vote is essential to the timing of the RV via negotiated terms under GESARA law.

Mass military tribunals followed by a stock market collapse is now inevitable.

It will be the “break in the system” required to activate the QFS and release the RV.

Switzerland is even publicly expressing their willingness to participate in the QFS.

As Q stated, be prepared, united we stand, strong together.

This is Red October.

The end of the Cabal.

Source: Operation Disclosure