Joan’s Notes from David Wilcock Discussion Panel 5-21-17

Joan’s Notes from David Wilcock Discussion Panel 5-21-17

Kauilapele’s Blog Thanks to Joan for these extensive and detailed and almost 100% “right on” notes. The only thing I noted was that I am quite sure “Robert Bauval” was actually “Andrew Collins”. Here’s Joan’s FB link. ————————————————————————— HIGHLIGHTS from my [Joan Wheaton’s] Notes (5/21/17) 💫 PANEL DISCUSSION hosted by David Wilcock, at ‘Contact in…

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“Scorpion King” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 22, 2017

Pure evil comes in many faces, but only one scares even Lucifer. That’s Benjamin (BiBi) Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.BiBi is a cold blooded military grade killer with an engaging smile. He’s very smart, very committed to Zionism and the worst of Satan’s select hell fire seed.

And tonight he’s the most despised man in the world–as he alone is holding up the RV in the western world. Yup, one man.

Today’s press conference with Trump–in his house mind you–was allowed so that BiBi could accept the two state solution publicly on behalf of Israel.

He agreed to this. He even recorded his resignation speech at gun point in that same house only two weeks ago. And still he rejected logic and avoided the topic of a negotiated Middle East altogether.

Netanyahu is not just a scorpion that continues to sting, he’s the scorpion king that stings to the death and demands other scorpions do the same…

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The Portal – Disclosure Process – May 18, 2017

There are great changes happening in our Solar System. A vast fleet comprised of many motherships of countless positive cosmic races has reached its final parking position on key resonance points within our Solar System to support the process of full Disclosure.Some of those ships can be seen clearly on photos which were taken by…

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The Greater Picture – May 14, 2017

“Picture this…you’re living at the beginning of year One, when most people still believe that the Earth is flat. One day, someone approaches you, telling you that the Earth isn’t flat but round.

How would you have reacted, you think? Would you have declared the messenger crazy, like everybody else? Or would you have listened to him, to hear how he came up with that bizarre idea?

This website is for that last category of people!

Okay, so you’re saying that in principle you’re open to other ideas. Let’s put that to the test straight away ;)

Below are 10 theses. Please have a read through…

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George Soros: Gravedigger of the Left, May 4th, 2017

The Gravedigger of the Left Note: This article was originally posted on May 4, and was a sticky feature for several days. Scroll down for more recent items. Mária Schmidt is a Hungarian historian and university lecturer. In the following…Read more

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Human Trafficker Kills Over 400 Kids He Couldn’t Sell into Sex Slavery[Video] – April 30, 2017


A ruthless Libyan human trafficker has admitted to trafficking over 2,000 desperate migrants into Europe, selling thousands of girls into child sex slavery, and killing somewhere between 400 and 500 kids he kidnapped but whose deals failed to materialize. In an interview inside a prison with award-winning British investigative journalist Ross Kemp, the trafficker behind…

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Big Banks Whistleblower: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party[Video] – April 29, 2017

Ronald Bernard is a Dutch financial wizard who worked at the most secret level of global currency traffic. When he launched his career, he was warned to “put your conscience in the deep freeze.” Little did he know that was an understatement.”You get so deep in these circles… I was trusted by the people playing…

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