James Gilliland (ECETI News): The War on Ascension, Message for Humanity

The War on Ascension, Message for Humanity

September 2, 2021

It is said we are not fighting a war of flesh and bones but a war against principalities and spirit. This is the big picture unless factored in nothing else makes sense. To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of, all of it, both sides of the coin the agendas goals and modus operandi of the light and dark. The light side is all about empowerment, service to others, operating under universal law which in its simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. There are multidimensional legions of beings operating under universal law in service to Humanity and the Earth as well as the Creator in all Creation. Many of these beings are spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders as well as those who ascended from Earth known as Ascended Masters, Angelic Guides Male and Female.

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VIDEO: Uplifting & Important News From Fearless Class Action Lawyer, Sergio Cebolla | Digital Warrior Productions

By Digital Warrior Productions – August 14, 2021

David Mahoney interviews Sergio Cebolla who takes us through your rights in Spain. Many of these laws are translatable to your area so please watch. Sergio’s bravery is helping many people in Spain and around the world.

Video interview(55:41): https://digitalwarriorproductions.com/sergio-cebolla/