What all Elite know that you Don’t — Want to Stop them? Redirect your Power! – July 11, 2019

What All elite Know That You Don’t. Want to stop them? Redirect Your Power!

This is the True Walk Away Movement

By TFJaxen, Submitted to Operation Disclosure

A note by the author:

This message is for all. Especially all those who work for the major corporations and all the government agencies worldwide from local to global. This is for the journalist and wanna-be truth tellers. I believe we would all agree that life on this planet is ready for a massive change. From the individual to the community to the world we must change the way we have been unknowingly consenting to our own downfall. How? By allowing someone else, some agency to lay claim to our very Being. Until We stand up and Claim our own Being and the right to direct it as We Will, we will continue to crawl through life. It is time to stand up and walk away from the beliefs that has led to too much destruction. That’s not what this planet or Our Lives were created for. Time to walk, or maybe run towards that which values all Life. Your Life depends on it.

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As Yemen Starves, International Aid Agencies Play Politics With Food — Covert Geopolitics – July 6, 2019

by Ahmed Abdulkareem: Yemeni authorities are accusing some international aid agencies of playing politics with food aid, correctly pointing out that financiers of the organizations are the very same countries participating in the war on Yemen.

TAIZ, YEMEN — A recent Saudi Coalition airstrike on the home of a prominent Yemeni businessman in Taiz destroyed not only a family home but also the hopes of the many Yemenis who rely on the generosity of philanthropic donors, as international aid agencies become increasingly beholden to the political interests of their largest benefactors.

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Jordan Peterson Is Backing A Censorship-Free Platform Called ‘Thinkspot.’ Here’s Why — Collective Evolution – June 18, 2019

Image: Gage Skidmore at https://flickr.com/photos/22007612@N05/29054996858


In the era of dire need for new and meaningful social media platforms, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson confirmed he is backing a new free-speech platform called Thinkspot. He confirmed the platform is in beta testing during a podcast last week.

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(Video) UFO Mysteries: Disclosure, False Flags, Skeptics & The Nimitz Encounter – December 21, 2018

Published on Dec 20, 2018

UFO Mysteries: Disclosure, False Flags, Skeptics & The Nimitz Encounter 


Of course UFO does not mean alien. 

All one has to grant is that occasionally we humans have seen objects in the sky and didn’t know what they were. 

That’s it. 

One would have to lie to themselves, or be delusional about the world, not to grant that. 

UFOs are a continually reported thing. 

With the vast majority, upwards of 95% – when scrutinized – being drones, flares, balloons, meteors, blimps, abnormal weather phenomena, and a host of other benign things. 

This is a fact. 

It’s also a fact that the remaining five or so percent are true unknowns.

Operation Disclosure

Migrant Caravan: Eyewitness Journalist Confirms Media Is Purposefully Deceiving You — Collective Evolution – December 1, 2018


  • The Facts:We speak to eyewitness journalist Luke Rudkowski, who has been on the ground in Tijuana, in order to get a deeper picture on our analysis of what’s happening with the migrant caravan. It appears the media is, in fact, deceiving people.
  • Reflect On:Remember, it is the goal of the deep state to keep people charged and locked into lower states of emotion to continue supporting this system, if we transcend that, we transcend these systems and structures. Is this why media coverage is charging us?

We’ve been covering this story since it began, watching certain aspects unfold from a bigger picture perspective. Not being there was a tough part of the process because we couldn’t see and ask questions ourselves. Perhaps this is something we can begin doing once we raise enough viewer support here. But this didn’t stop us from…..Read more & video: “Migrant Caravan: Eyewitness Journalist Confirms Media Is Purposefully Deceiving You”

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Agendas & Feelings ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – October 27, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have an agenda and that agenda is to help, that agenda is to serve. And every being and collective and council that you will encounter as you move forward in your different contact scenarios will have an agenda. You will need to determine for yourselves whether that agenda is pure. Many of you have developed a healthy skepticism when it comes to politicians and heads of corporations. You see their agenda, even when they’re trying to hide it.

So you’ve had a lot of practice at sniffing out what a person’s true agenda is, and this will serve you, because not every being that you connect with as you make more contact with physical e.t.s is going to have your best interests at heart. This is why your ability to feel is so crucial. You need to be able to feel things out, and you need to be able to feel people out, whether they are human or whether they are non-human.

Your feelings are your best guides and your best friends. They also help you to create the reality you want to experience. This is one of the reasons why you are often told to feel your emotions no matter how uncomfortable for you to feel. Of course, there are many, many more important reasons for feeling your feelings, but you certainly cannot intuit a being’s agenda without having a firm connection to your own feelings.

You are feeling-based beings, and Earth has been a wonderful proving ground for all of you to stretch those feeling muscles and to demonstrate to yourselves how powerful you are. You are going to do a wonderful job of feeling into the different beings that you connect with moving forward. We are absolutely certain of that fact.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The Mainstream Media Lies — The Media is the Deep State’s Most Valuable Tool – October 4, 2018

The Mainstream Media Lies

The media is the Deep State’s most valuable tool

How to protect yourself against brainwashing


The world is waking up to the fact that for our entire lives we have been lied to. From where we come from, to where we are headed, everything is a huge lie. But the lie we have been living is about to come to a screeching halt.

The Protocols of Zion are the Blueprint for the Deep State’s One World Government-control-operation. Protocol 12 affirms; “In our official statements, we always use an opposite view, and continually do our best to look honest and cooperative. The words of a statesman do not have to correspond with his actions”. It is advisable to take fifteen minutes of your time to read the Protocols. Don’t just read them. Study them. They explain in precise detail what is going on in the world today and why.

“The media will print halve truths, they will lie, fabricate facts or contradict themselves. We will tranquillise the public mind on political matters, persuade and confuse them. We will triumph over our opponents, who do not own the press and cannot give full expression to their views. Journalists will be bound by professional secrecy. Not one journalist will betray this secret. To practice journalism, they must have a dark past and the fear of it being exposed”.

The Protocols further explain that the goal of world domination will be achieved by controlling the thinking of the public by monitoring what it hears and by creating new conflicts or restoring old relationships through hunger, poverty, and the spreading of pests and diseases, seducing and diverting the attention of the youth. “With the help of these methods and more, we will weaken the countries so that they are forced to offer us control over the world”; at least this is their way of thinking; their goal.

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