The Great Reset Brings You into Global Tyranny | – October 1, 2021 | By Joseph Mercola,

WORLD. The World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda includes the strangely ominous dictum that you will “own nothing and be happy.” The unstated implication is that the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite, and you’ll have to pay for the temporary use of absolutely everything.

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VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Frank(Quite Frankly) – The War Is Real, It’s Time To Start Nullifying The Federal Government

By X22 Report – Published September 30, 2021

Today’s Guest: Frank(Quite Frankly)

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Här är globalisterna som lobbar för mer nedstängningspolitik – “för att rädda klimatet” | Nya Dagbladet

Nya Dagbladet – 25 September, 2021

Många är trötta på nedstängningarna och den repressiva coronapolitiken som enligt experter kostat många människoliv och orsakat enormt psykiskt och ekonomiskt lidande för mänskligheten. Vissa krafter är dock inte alls intresserade av att världen återgår till det normala utan vill fortsätta nedstängningspolitiken – “för klimatets skull”.

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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2579 — Fed Is In The Spotlight | First Indictment Sets The Stage

By X22 Report – Published September 17, 2021

Ep. 2579a – The Fed Is In The Spotlight, This Is Just The Beginning

The Great Reset and the Green New Deal are not going well for the [CB], [JB] held a climate forum and many of the residents around the world did not attend. Pelosi takes a shot at capitalism, the problem is not capitalism it is the [CB]. Recession will hit if Government shuts-down, does this mean the Government is the economy. The Fed is now in the spotlight, more on its way.


Ep. 2579b – It Has Just Begun, First Indictment Sets The Stage, First Arrest Confirms Direction, [9]

Durham has now released the first indictment, this sets the stage for everything, the first arrest will confirm the future direction. Buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride. The patriots are now on the offensive and the [DS] are the hunted, Durham is on the prowl. The forensic audit is going to be released on Sep 24, the [DS] is ready to use every distraction they have. They are now building up to the J6 rally that they created, did they push this to quickly or will they try to get traction and build on it through the 24, we will have to see. All assets are deployed red lines will be crossed.


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Max Lundqvist utmanar MSM-journalisternas okunskap om Covid-19 vaccin | – 10 September, 2021 | Text: Max Lundqvist

OPINION. “Jag är en av de som du avser i din artikel den 26 augusti i DN, en av de som du kallar “oseriösa vaccinskeptikerna”. Du är ytlig och svepande i din artikel, som här får ett svar.” Så inleder Max Lundqvist sitt mail till medicinjournalisten Anna Bratt på DN. Texten har tillsammans med gårdagens replik till Anna Bratts debattartikel i DN skickats till samtliga större mediahus och 50-60 journalister för att väcka till debatt. Ingen har gett respons. NewsVoice publicerar Lundqvists text.

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(Video) Drought, Famine & Vax = Depopulation – Steve Quayle | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s | September 1, 2021

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says America is under attack from many sides.  One is in our face, and many do not realize how dire the situation is in the western U.S.  Quayle says the so-called 1,200 year Megadrought is being manufactured with geoengineering.  The globalists are cutting off the water, and that means cutting food supplies.   Quayle explains, “We have got record low water levels that are being broken.  We have absolute power issues coming up. . . . I am trying to tell people this:  the days of taking water for granted are over.”

Read more & Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his upcoming film “Megadrought: Vanishing Water.”  9/1/21  (There is much more in the 58 minute interview.)

Drought, Famine & Vax = Depopulation – Steve Quayle — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Swiss Police Reject the ‘Great Reset’: ‘We Work for the People, NOT the Elite’ | Neon Nettle

swiss police are refusing to support  the great reset

Neon Nettle | By: Jay Greenberg – August 12, 2021

Police in Switzerland are rising up against the “Great Reset” by refusing to enforce government-imposed restrictions on the general public.

A group representing Swiss police officers wrote a letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) declaring that cops work for the people and not the global elite.

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Climate, Covid, Control – and Criminals | Waking Times

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times – August 23, 2021

Do not underestimate the mind bending power it takes to get ordinary folk to embrace the notion “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

If anyone says to you “the weather extremes are a sure sign of global warming”, it’s because they take this information directly from the media and assume it to be fact.

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