(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1797: The Economic Attacks Begin | Fake Investigations will Cease – February 21, 2019

Published on Feb 21, 2019

May and Juncker meet for talks, the talks go no where, no progress was made, the EU will not move on their demands. Durable goods decline, the housing market is becoming to expensive for the everyday person, the [CB] has created a housing bubble in many cities that’s much bigger than the 2008 housing bubble. China is going to buy more agricultural products from the US. The US and China are very close to make a deal. China says they will not manipulate their currency. The [DS] begin their attack the economy, they are trying to show the economy is not doing well, who has the magic wand?

Published on Feb 21, 2019

Jussie Smollette was arrested for staging the attack. Celebrities and politicians are deleting their tweets. Mueller investigation is wrapping up, and the MSM and politicians are projecting that the report will be a nothing burger. The [DS] are now changing the meaning of some words so they are not caught in spying and leaking. IRS analyst illegally leaked Cohen tax records. Q drops more bread, the patriots have the logs of the SCIFS, there is no escape.


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88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Children Come from US Foster Care (NCMEC Report) — Humans Are Free – February 22, 2019

Shocking government data shows that of the missing children reported to be sex trafficked in 2017, 88% of them had come from the American foster care system.

by Matt Agorist

America has a dark secret that no one wants to admit. Talk of this secret will get you labelled as a conspiracy theorist, fake news, and outlets who report on it will have their organic reach throttled by social media and Google alike.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many in the mainstream media and the government refuse to see this very real epidemic of child sex trafficking in the United States…Read more

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Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste — Waking Times – February 20, 2019

Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste

Dr. MercolaGuest

Waking Times

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 (CDC), 40 percent of children between the ages of 3 and 6 use potentially dangerous amounts of toothpaste.

The CDC and American Dental Association (ADA) recommend using no more than a pea-sized amount for children in this age group, and those younger than 3 should use no more than the size of a rice grain on their toothbrush.

The problem with using excessive amounts of toothpaste has to do with the fluoride it contains. If you look closely, you’ll find fluoride-containing toothpastes have a warning on their label stating that “If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”….Read more & videos: “CDC: Kids Using Too Much Toothpaste Poses Health Risk” (0:23) and “Dr. Osmunson On Dental Hygiene Part 1/6” (13:29) 

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The Global Village and a Union of Citizen Journalists – GoldenAgeOfGaia.com – February 18, 2019

I’d like to see an association of citizen journalists begun, similar to Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch. A Union of Citizen Journalists.

I’d like to see us take the lead in reforming journalism.

Society needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom. The media, the judiciary, law enforcement, the intelligence community, pharmaceuticals, the banks – all of it needs to be rebuilt.

Today’s citizen journalist is aware of how things came to be corrupted – all the false-flag operations that have occurred since World War II to last week, weather warfare and chemtrails, manmade pandemics and toxic vaccines, black ops from Operation Paperclip to MK-Ultra, etc.

They’re aware of Operation Mockingbird, the CIA corruption and control of all major news outlets. And the CIA’s role in child, drugs, and gun trafficking.

They’re aware of the implications of the Georgia Guidestones’ proclamation of 500 million as the ideal human population. They’ve heard that we’re thought of as “useless eaters.” They know a cabal planned a nuclear World War III.

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McCabe confirms the existence of a rogue deep state; no apology from the controlled media for mocking those who warned about true conspiracy — NaturalNews.com – February 17, 2019

(Natural News) For more than two years, fake news outlets everywhere have shamelessly mocked conservatives and others who contend that there’s a “deep state” operating behind the scenes that’s trying to unseat President Donald Trump and dismantle the Republic. But we now have a public admission by none other than former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that the deep state does, indeed, exist – though not a single mainstream news outlet has since come forward to apologize for calling such a notion a wild “conspiracy theory.”

During a recent interview with CBS News‘ Scott Pelley, McCabe admitted that officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ) met in secret to discuss the potential “removal” of President Trump after he fired former FBI Director James Comey. In other words, these alleged “American institutions” that Democrats have continually whined are “under attack” by Trump and his supporters are actually deep state assets that, because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 presidential election, have dedicated their time and resources to trying to unseat the man who did win….Read more

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1792: Xi and Trump, Coordinate the Transition | Phase III, Rats in DC Panicking – February 16, 2019

Published on Feb 15, 2019

US industrial production plunges, this doesn’t mean that manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the US this means the [CB] is deteriorating quickly as Trump brings back manufacturing.Trump continually tells the media that the economy is doing well, it’s the best economy that we have seen in a long time, Trump is doing this on purpose to setup the MSM and [CB] later on. Xi and Trump are going to meet, they might have discussed on how to transition the economy moving forward.

Published on Feb 15, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez creates bill to stop Trump’s NE. Maduro has secret meetings with US. The MSM is starting to realize this movement in Venezuela is not what it seems. Troops are being withdrawn from key areas in Syria. Q drops more bread, anons knew about the NE. Trump during his speech explains what happens next. Q explains that [HRC] protection is gone. Barr moves forward with the mission. Phase III begins, [DS] is in a panic, pain, justice is coming. There was coup planned when Trump came into office, the truth is about to come out.


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The Great Global Warming Swindle (Full Documentary HD) — Humans Are Free – February 16, 2019

The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. 

A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be “the biggest scam of modern times.”

According to Martin Durkin the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun. Some have called The Great Global Warming Swindle the definitive retort to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Using a comprehensive range of evidence it’s claimed that warming over the past 300 years represents a natural recovery from a ‘little ice age’….Read more & video: “The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary HD” (1:13:25) 

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