“The Effects of EMF – Episode 1” — Professor Martin L. Pall on Increasing Health and Environmental Risks — Activist Post – February 3, 2020

By B.N. Frank

(Activist Post)  Thanks to these filmmakers for raising awareness about increasing biological and environmental risks associated with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) creating pollution sometimes referred to as “Electrosmog.”  This short film was shot in Finland, but interviews with Dr. Martin Pall are in English. →

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What You Believe — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – February 3, 2020

There will always be those who say, “Nothing ever works! I try and try, it’s always the same. Life is hard! Nothing ever changes!”

The Universe always says, “Everything works as it should, you do it every day, life is easy! You are constantly changing!”

What is the difference between what you and The Universe believes? You, of course! Today, you are invited to take a few moments and re-align/re-wire your brain. For every can’t there is a can, for every try there is always a do and for every single hard, there is an easy. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into changing. It is your existence and you are worthy receiving whatever you desire. (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Klimatfrågan sammanfattad — Nya Dagbladet – 3 Februari, 2020

Foto: Wang Kun Hung/CC BY 2.0

(Nya Dagbladet)  Historiskt sett är koldioxid en bristvara i atmosfären trots sentida marginella ökning. Tidigare eror har globalt varit 5-10 grader varmare, haft flerfalt högre CO2-halt och haft rikare växt-och djurliv.

Mer värme och koldioxid får det att växa mer. Välkommen uppvärmning (återhämtning) sedan Lilla Istiden mellan cirka 1300 och 1870 har gynnat Jordens liv och växtlighet. Sedan 1930 har världens skördar ökat mer än fem gånger. Färre lider nöd och svält. Fler har fått det bättre. →

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Physicists ‘Grow’ A Man Made Diamond From Nuclear Waste That’s Able To Generate Electricity — Collective Evolution – February 3, 2020

(Collective-Evolution)  Currently there is more than 2 billion tons of nuclear waste across the globe. This nuclear waste is a hazardous threat to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Scientists have recently begun attempting to transform nuclear waste into batteries that could last for thousands of years. If they are successful with this conversion project it would be a double win, less nuclear waste contaminating our environment, and a way to reuse energy that was generated to give power to whatever requires it. →

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Space Force recruits Special Ops Commander to lead Space Commandos with Antigravity Spacecraft — Exopolitics – February 3, 2020


(Exopolitics)  The United States Space Force has just recruited and promoted the Commander of the Air Force’s 1st Special Operations Wing who had led covert operations around the world and in space. This clears the way for antigravity vehicles that were secretly deployed out of select Air Force bases to be transferred over to Space Force and for many “Air Commandos” to be renamed as “Space Commandos”.

Colonel Michael Conley who headed the Air Force’s 1st Special Operations Wing was promoted to Brigadier General in his new assignment as second in charge of Space Operations Command that currently makes up the bulk of the newly created Space Force with nearly 16,000 personnel. →

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Huge Positive Changes are Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – February 3, 2020

Huge Positive Changes are Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been excited for quite some time to witness this next phase of the journey of the human collective consciousness, because you are headed towards a time of world peace. You are headed towards a time when no one will be dying of hunger or dehydration. You are heading towards the time when racism, sexism, homophobia, and all sorts of other prejudices will be a thing of the past in your collective human history. →

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China Fights the Coronavirus with Determination – while others smear — NewsVoice – February 3, 2020

Text and photo by Andre Vltchek | First published by New Eastern Outlook

CORONAVIRUS. China has been hit by coronavirus as if by a brick over the head; heavily and mercilessly. Instead of help, Beijing has received criticism, even verbal attacks. In spite of doing tremendous job fighting the epidemy, China is getting almost no tributes for its performance. →

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Vaccine For The China Virus — The Planet Is The Guinea Pig For A Vast Experiment — Humans Are Free – February 3, 2020

Vaccine For The China Virus — The Planet Is The Guinea Pig For A Vast Experiment

(Humans Are Free)  The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching a rush program to develop a vaccine against the China coronavirus. The goal? Have a vaccine ready for human testing in an unprecedented 90 days.

NIH is partnering with a US vaccine company, Moderna, Inc.

The vaccine is a new type called RNA. According to Reuters (“With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine,” Jan 24, 2020), “[these are] vaccines based on ribonucleic acid (RNA)—a chemical messenger that contains instructions for making proteins.” →

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The Ukraine Holocaust – February 3, 2020

By Greg Rubini – January 30, 2020

C CIARAM3LLA is involved in much darker things than you can imagine.
Joe Biden, John Brennan, & Barack Obama are also in it.
and Victoria Nuland.

The Ukraine Holocaust →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2086 — EU/[CB] Loses, [DS] Fighting Amongst Each Other – February 3, 2020

Source(X22 Report)

Report date: 02.02.2020

EU/[CB] Loses, Manufactures Questioning China – Episode 2086a

The BREXIT happened, the MSM/[CB] were wrong, they said it wasn’t going to happen. People are celebrating in the streets, but it’s more than this, the EU/[CB] loses a lot more than everyone thinks. The [CB] will not give up. The US economy is bring back jobs, bringing back companies, everything the [CB] does not want.


Watch The News Feb 18, [DS] Fighting Amongst Each Other, Tick Tock – Episode 2086b

The [DS]/Ds have lost another push, the fake impeachment has now failed. The patriots are directing the entire show. Trump is continually pushing the 17. More and more corrupt individuals are being brought out into the light. The [DS] is now fighting with each other, they are know its only a matter of time. Watch the news, something big is about to happen.


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