Video: Elena Danaan – As You Wish Talk Radio – Real Disclosure | James Gilliland

By ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel – Premiered July 3, 2021

This Week: Real Disclosure From a Higher Prospective. Another (Must See Video) Covering ET Races, “GOOD AND BAD”, Obduction and Off World Origins.

Elena Danaan is a Contactee and experiencer since her early childhood.

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ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Elena Danaan

Video: Elena Danaan Update June 17 2021

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Jun 18, 2021

News from the front line, intel from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Behold, be resilient, keep hope and keep on fighting.

A great evil is leaving.

Victory is near.

Liberation is here

And now.



By Dr Charlie Ward | First published at 12:12 UTC on February 21st, 2021



By Dr Charlie Ward – First published at 13:38 UTC on December 18th, 2020.



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Dr. Carrie Madej: The Hidden Side of Vaccines and RFID Chipping | PFC

Prepare For Change – December 17, 2020

(Writings and links below provided by contributing reader Tim:

Hello to everyone,

Dr Carrie Madej is the rising star in the fight against vaccines and the new world of remote monitoring / control that will be activated when connected to all these new technologies.

RFID nano-RFID chips and remote DNA manipulation

Science has made such enormous progress since the start of this new century that it is difficult to imagine the scale and consequences of these new technologies.

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(Video) Gene Cosensei (Decode) Charlie Ward Explosive Revelations – UK DUMBS & Brecon Beacons 👈👈👈🚹 – Sept 16, 2020

Source: Charles Ward

Premiered Sept 16, 2020


Mr. Ed’s Intel Update (Real News): The Truth about Diseases, Viruses, and COVID-19 – July 23, 2020

Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): The Truth about Diseases, Viruses, and COVID-19

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

Date: Thursday, 23-Jul-2020 00:08:45

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – The Truth about DISEASES and VIRUSES & COVID-19 7/22/2020

The Truth About the TEST!

The COVID-19 Test is called an RT PCR test which stands for reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.

It was invented by American bio-chemist in 1984 by the name of Kary Mullis.

The test does NOT…I repeat…does NOT test for a virus.

It tests for genetic material only. →

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Credit: OpDis

Ishvara: Quantum Leap — Era of Light – February 10, 2020

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcom

(Era of Light)  I’m Ishvara. I come from another solar system and we follow everything that happens on Earth now. It wasn’t that long ago that we were where you are now. A â‡Č

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Mike Quinsey Message, April 05, 2019

5th April 2019. Mike Quinsey.

Behind the scenes so much is taking place in a massive joint effort to take away the power of the dark Ones by removing the source of their funding, without which they will quickly lose their power to control events of the world. They never dreamt that they could be defeated and will still fight to the last. The Forces of Light have not been idle and for many years have planned the downfall of the Illuminati. It is time for them to release Humanity from the web of deceit that has plagued them for many years. It had its beginnings a few hundred years ago, and over time has been like a cancer eating away at the establishment and foundation of all that was clean and worthy of placing before the people. The cleverness of the changes for the better is down to keeping them quiet and silently building up a formidable force for good and the Light. This extract is very uplifting and covers knowledge that would not normally be known or made public.

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(Video) As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland: The Galactic Red Pill — November 25, 2018

Premiered 14 hours ago

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This Week: (The Galactic RED PILL)

Operation Disclosure