Reader: Just Adding to the Censorship – September 17, 2018

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I’ve been seeing so much censorship on social media of the truth that is being exposed on the Intel pages it has come time for me to share this. Many of my posts on social media pertaining to natural health have been censored also. To this day many links don’t show and pictures are not allowed to be uploaded. Yet I see others doing all this regularly if it agrees with the MSM. I noted back in the early 1980’s how the f-d-a was trying to find ways to regulate natural health related products by making companies change labels. An example is back then it was Minimum Daily Requirement for vitamin labels. Then it was changed to read Recommended Daily Allowance and the amounts were literally cut in 1/2! This is just one example in health food stores back then. Fast forward to the way they have been trying to regulate more and more companies who sell truly healthy foods as opposed to the junk food health food stores. The latter get to fly by double charging people to make them sick. Organic sugar, all kinds of chemicals and gmo’s being added edible “health food” not just to personal care and cleaning products. I have been in business for over 20 years and before that I taught natural healing for free for 10 years because it is my calling and passion. In the last 2-3 weeks I have been banned by 3 credit card processors. One claimed I was selling narcotics on my site another said I was selling illegal drugs and they specifically were referring to cordyceps. Although they both spoke these things to me on the phone, they refused to put it in an email! The third one said it went against their policy and called me a high risk business because it’s nutrition. I figured after the first credit card processor banned me that the f-d-a must be getting tired of doing all their “work” to “monitor” true health businesses because they want to push their drug agenda on people and keep them medicated and fearful so they can’t think for them self anymore. Many never knew how to think for them self because their parents were already so brainwashed they did the f-d-a’s work for them and brainwashed their own children. This was not the case before the US came into being. I have a local friend who is in her 70’s and from India. She told me when someone goes to a doctor in India and they leave with a prescription, it is filled with herbs not man made drugs. My many contacts in China inform me that China used to be the same way – Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing their herbal system that is thousands of years old was the country’s only healing needed. Many other countries you will find are identical in history utilizing the herbs that grow naturally in that country. Daniel Boone was an American ginseng farmer who lived off the land and he lost a ship load of ginseng when it went on its way to his customer. Wonder who was behind that loss? Then the US comes along and starts their man made medical system of drugs.

All the brainwashing starts. It’s taken over buy the f-d-a who pushes these same drugs on all the countries of the world. Now there are man made drugs in every country thanks to the US who has the youngest medical system in the world and the highest rates of many diseases including obesity due to all the propaganda to get people to eat junk food. Oh yes we can’t forget all the fast food restaurants started in the US too and then made their way into the other countries. Is the US Mystery Babylon?

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